Once upon a time there were these 3 goofy guys. Their names were

3 Goofy Guys

Click” “Track” & “Profit

And they showed everyone how to do Internet Marketing.

Actually, their names are…

  • Larry Dame, of the “Sweeva” traffic exchange,
  • Tim Linden, of “StartXchange,” and
  • Justin Ledvina, of “AdKreator,” splash page design site.

And one other guy…

  • Jon Olson, creator of “The Pizza Plan” and owner of the “I Love Hits” traffic exchange.
Just ahead… Tame Bear has a very helpful “Click, Track, Profit!” TIP coming up!


These four respected Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) stars have teamed up to produce a remarkable teaching program for folks just starting out in Internet Marketing. Their program is called “Click, Track, Profit!

In an ongoing series of short entertaining videos they’ll walk you step-by-step through a sensible process of gathering and linking the necessary tools (most of them free) to develop your own Marketing Funnel so you can achieve profitability while learning how to:

  • Use Traffic Exchanges Effectively
  • Develop Custom Splash Pages
  • Track Click-Throughs and Conversions
  • Build Your Brand and Build Your List
  • Implement a Powerful Autoresponder Emailing Program
  • Make Money as an Affiliate
  • Rapidly Build Downlines and Multiply Your Profit

Tame Bear will help you get the most out of CLICK, TRACK, PROFIT!

Click, Track, Profit!” provides everything necessary to earn a respectable income through Affiliate Marketing. YES, with the proper tools and instruction you cannot fail to make an enviable profit, and you do not need to create your own product or develop your own web site.

You can be remarkably successful as an affiliate selling other people’s products — that’s what this program is all about.

The Bear (that’s me) believes “Click, Track, Profit!” is the perfect program for anyone struggling to find success in Internet Marketing.

Do you want to learn the essentials of MLM? Do you want the freedom of a profitable home-based business without the hassle of inventory or having to create your own product or web site? Then “Click, Track, Profit!” is the perfect way to begin your new career in Affiliate Sales — earning while learning!

I am so convinced these pros are delivering what you need to become profitable that I want to work this program with you and be your GUIDE along the way. I’ll give you some tips from my own experience in the program. I’ll point out the things that are crucial, and help you understand why.

And I’ll start right now!

Here is the first piece of advice I can give to make this program work most effectively for you:

Immediately after sign-up you will be presented with a one-time offer of lifetime membership in “Click, Track, Profit!I advise you to take that offer. Why? Because I know this program is capable of providing you an effective source of earning for many years to come… and if you decline this initial offer and choose to buy into the program later, paying monthly will cost you $20 more each year than that initial offer… and you will be paying month after month, year after year for as long as you want to keep earning with this program.To maximize your profit in “Click, Track, Profit!,” grab the one-time offer!

Say you’re 30 years old, and you’re anticipating early retirement at age 50. You’ll be putting 20 years into this business…

  • Would you rather pay a one-time fee and save $20 in the first year? And never have to pay anything more?
  • Or would you rather pay the extra $20 this year… and pay again and again every month for the next 20 years?

Take the one-time offer and you’ll save $20 in the first year… and never have to pay anything again, ever.

You can of course proceed through the program for free — and learn. You should understand that the additional guidance I’ll be providing is also free.

But if you want to MAKE MONEY by becoming an affiliate helping to introduce this “Click, Track, Profit!” program to others, then you will need to pay for your membership in order to earn. By being a paid member you’ll earn generous commissions from everyone you bring into this program.

And I’ll be available to advise you every step of the way.

Get the Tame Bear C-T-P Guide:
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Once you’re all signed up, I’ll be sending you a detailed overview of the “Click, Track, Profit!” program with lots of specific advice and recommendations. See you on the other side!

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