This story, as you know, is an autoresponder series. I am advertising regularly and getting new signups to my Amazing Tale email list, and each new person who begins will read the same stories you’ve read, spaced out over an equal amount of time. It has been a little over a year since you started following my story and reading my blog posts, and last week I published my detailed One Year Results for you to compare your own progress against.

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Building an email list and learning to use an autoresponder, and writing a series of emails linking to blog posts, are really essential skills in online marketing. This series, “The Amazing Tale of 4 PTCs,” is by far the longest continuous autoresponder series of emails and blog posts that I have ever written. And it is not over yet — there’s more to tell as I continue in Year Two.


Looking back on this past year, I can see points at which I have dropped the ball and not been sufficiently clear about how I was using various sites and tools. That is certainly true in regard to the autoresponder itself — I have yet to get a handle on how to write about using an autoresponder in a way that isn’t overly complicated, resulting in a blog post that few would want to bother reading.

And something else — certain learnings only arrive after considerable reflection. Some of the mistakes, recklessness, and risk-taking only become apparent in hindsight, well after events have played out. Of course business of any kind is fraught with risk. You have to try something to know if it will work or not. Sometimes you have to try lots of different things before you learn what works and what doesn’t.

I have shared with you everything I have experienced in the PTC business over this past year. I am still just as excited about the business as I was a year ago, but I am also now a smarter bear.

Day 378
Day 378
Day 378
Days To Profit
at $2.46 per day
345 days

After reflecting on how this first year has gone, I have greater insight, and that means I can create more value for everyone on my list — everyone who is following in your footsteps and mine. Including those who are just now getting started.


The one thing that has really become apparent, is that it takes longer than expected to make “serious money” in Paid-To-Click. And because most of the series so far did not have that perspective, I am seeing way too many followers give up and quit before they should. Before they could see their own PTC business come into full fruition.


I have already begun outlining several additional blog posts that I want to go back and add to what has already been written. My goal is to add more clarity, more transparency, and more frequency, so that everyone reading will be more encouraged to keep at it with as realistic a view of the future prospects as possible.

One of the really cool things about an autoresponder series is that you can add new material at any point along the way. Doing so offers no immediate benefit to people like you who have already passed that point in the series, but it can certainly help those who are just beginning.

Though I like to write, blogging on an extended story like this still represents a considerable amount of work, and I realize that adding more value at the start of my series will inevitably take time away from creating new posts at the leading edge — where YOU already are.

So this post is likely to be the last you will receive from me for several months or more. But I don’t want to leave you empty-handed. Once I have gone back through the series and added the reflection points that will make the whole series more valuable, I’ll give you an update with a complete table of contents so you can read those posts too.

And of course if there is any change-up in the Core 4 PTCs at the heart of this story, I’ll be sending broadcasts to everyone on my list, including you.


And now before I leave you for a while, I have one more thing to share with you: it is the first of the new material I am adding to the previous series, and it occurs on Day 302, which of course is in the past for both you and me. It is written and published, and readers who are just arriving at Day 302 will be able to read it.

You can read it too. The new blog post is titled Where I Went Wrong,” and it is all about renting referrals and not knowing whether I was actually making money or not. I hope you find it helpful at this point in your own journey.

Keep clicking all the ads every day, keep your earnings growing. Thanks for all your comments on the posts and conversations on Skype and email. The Bear will be back in a few months with more to tell. In the meantime — best of success to you!


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