TODAY IS YOUR ANNIVERSARY. It’s Day 365 of “The Amazing Tale.”

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And I thank you for being a part of my universe this past year, working your own business along side mine, participating in the conversation, offering your own questions and guidance, sharing your wisdom. I am grateful for all your emails, comments, suggestions and recommendations. This has been an amazing journey!


How will you celebrate? Dinner out? A get-away, a special event or activity, or an hour in a full-immersion sensory-deprivation tank? This is Tame Bear here to welcome you to the conclusion of YOUR FIRST YEAR in the Paid-To-Click business. I hope it has been everything you hoped for, and if not well don’t worry because the amazing tale continues.

I’ll share some numbers with you in a few days telling you how my first year went, and we can compare notes then. But now it’s time to celebrate!


This is my anniversary too. In late August of 2011 I had just returned from the annual Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

One thing about Burning Man is that you’re out in the Nevada desert with some 50,000 other people, far from any wifi or cell tower. You are completely separated from the internet. It was a good time for me to do some assessment  of my online marketing efforts to that point. I had been considering ClixSense for awhile, and I wondered how Paid-To-Clicks might enhance my marketing efforts to that point.

On my return home from Burning Man I was eager to try something new. I decided to dedicate a year to ClixSense, and track my earnings every day.


Starting in August 2011 I clicked nearly every day at ClixSense, recording my earnings in a spreadsheet. I did all my clicking on my iPhone, whenever I had a few spare moments throughout the day. It was simple and easy. I advertised the ClixSense affiliate pages for free in all the Traffic Exchanges, and was earning from a few referrals.

My earnings data during that first year with ClixSense formed the core story in this “Amazing Tale” so far. I was NET POSITIVE in ClixSense and had earned enough to pay for my second year upgrade.

I celebrated my first year by attending another Burning Man event — a regional gathering in Michigan, called Lakes of Fire.


What I can now tell you about ClixSense is that I QUIT just a few months after that first year.

Yes, I quit.

Several months into my second year, in early December 2012, ClixSense implemented a new security feature that required Adobe Flash to view all ads.

As it happens, Adobe Flash has never been available on iPhones. Seems it is a memory and battery hog, and ever since the iPhone first launched (2007), Apple has kept Adobe Flash off its iOS. So all of a sudden I could no longer do ClixSense at my leisure anywhere anytime on my iPhone.

To continue using ClixSense I would have to be on my desktop or laptop computer. Or get a different phone. (I sure wasn’t going to do that.) For a webmaster who sits in front of a computer all day, spending even more time at my desk was not appealing.

Part of the thrill of using ClixSense on my iPhone was that I could do it anywhere, any time. I could check throughout the day, click a few ads now and then, and be earning a little more all the time.

But the new Adobe Flash policy meant I couldn’t use my iPhone anymore with ClixSense. And that’s why I quit.

That would have been the end of the story.

But I had this daily record of all my first year earnings, and I thought I had learned some things along the way that would help others get to NET POSITIVE territory in the PTCs and possibly start making real decent money.

A year later, in August 2013, I began again.

You may remember back on Day 3, back at the beginning of this journey, I wanted to compare my experience in ClixSense with three other top Paid-To-Click sites. Initially they were NeoBux, ProBux, and NerdBux. Unfortunately part of the ongoing story was that NerdBux died an early death, and I replaced it with Ojooo. That has been a good decision so far and it looks like Ojooo is a keeper.

My “story” was about focusing on four big PTCs and comparing how I was able to build a business in all four of them.

That’s when The Amazing Tale of 4 PTCs was born. I have been blogging my experience for a full year now and it has been a great adventure. I am in awe of the positive feedback I’ve gotten from all my readers. I have shared my stumbles as well as my wisdom in this sector of the online marketing scene, and I think there’s lots more to tell.

I hope you will stick with me as we begin Year Two of The Amazing Tale. Until next time… Bear Hunters! Best of success to you. :)

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