It’s a day like many others; start first thing in the morning with my coffee and my laptop. I get about half my clicks done before breakfast.

These days it’s taking an extra couple hours because I am testing a lot more PTCs than I have written about.

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I want to have one or two cashouts from a PTC before I mention it here in my blog. I learned early on in this business that it’s not helpful to recommend programs that don’t pay. That can’t always be avoided, but it’s always a bummer. :/

My objective in testing is to find more Paid-To-Click sites that are making money, are good advertising resources, and that pay for all our time and effort. I’ll keep testing because I want to build out my “portfolio” of PTCs to about 20 sites. I know some will be duds, some will implode, some will just up and vanish. To build a portfolio of 20 paying sites, I need to keep testing.

I have a couple new sites to announce today, but first let’s get to the numbers and charts.

Day 412
Day 412
Day 412
Days To Profit
at $6.47 per day
171 days

Day 412 Total Earnings in the Paid-To-Click sector

There are now indications “The Long Lull” is about over. My daily earnings are gradually ticking upwards again as summer comes to a close. There are more ads to click on, and some of my referrals that laid off the past couple months are coming alive again and are clicking.

That’s good to see. We can anticipate a steep rise in earnings over the next couple months heading into Fall and Winter.

These are always the best months in the Paid-To-Click sector, and I hope you’re active every day so you too can reap the rewards.


So here are four more PTCs that are today taking their official place in my portfolio…


Cashtream - Paid-To-Click Ad Site

Cashtream – Offers a low cashout threshold. I’ve completed two successful cashouts totaling $2.21. Have not yet tested Cashtream as an advertising resource.

CashnHits - Paid-To-Click Ad Site

CashnHits – An easy-to-use text-link PTC that’s been around for over 5 years. Two payments received totaling $4.88. Have not yet tested CashnHits as an advertising resource.

LegacyClix - Paid-To-Click Ad Site

LegacyClix – Just received my first cashout from this one — $4.24. You will need to send in a screenshot of your PayPal profile page to verify your PP email address before you can request your first cashout. I have run several ad campaigns and would rank LegacyClix above average at generating conversions and signups. (But no where near as good as ClixSense!)

GoldenClix - Experienced Admins

GoldenClix – I actually mentioned this one way back on Day 130 in a post titled “The Un-Upgraded” but it’s worth mentioning that I’ve now received two cashouts, earning $11.16 so far. I have not yet run any ads on GoldenClix and am not upgraded yet.

These cashouts are already included in my cumulative Total PTC Earnings.


I’ve just received from Ojooo the cashout I requested about 5 months ago. It was $13.24. While I was waiting for the cashout, I continued clicking and earning at Ojooo, and was able to accumulate enough in my account (over $150.00) to run two 1-day Fixed Ads during those 5 months. I’ve already reported the excellent results from the first of those ads. Second was better. What this all tells me is that Ojooo is alive and well!

Even if a cashout is problematic, the money you continue to earn can be applied to advertising, which is the same as getting your cashout and then buying ads with it. Better, actually. (Can you explain why? If so, post in the comments below.)

I’m buying ads every month, and if I can buy with earned money rather than new money I am essentially reinvesting my earnings to make more money. That’s an example of putting your money to work. Ojooo is a healthy PTC because lots of people are advertising there, and lots of people are clicking. That’s the formula for a good conversion rate on your own advertising, and it’s what makes Ojooo a keeper.

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  1. Tame Bear says:

    Cashtream and CashNHits were both run by the same owner. Cashtream disappeared off the internet in mid-September 2015, and CashNHits stopped paying in early November and then got hacked in January 2016. Read “CashNHits Here and Gone” for all the details.

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