This is the amazing tale of four PTCs and how I am using them to generate a pretty decent amount of money every week.

Whoops, there I go dropping acronyms already; I know I shouldn’t do that.

PTC” means “Paid-To-Click,” which describes a particular kind of online advertising site where members click to view ads and get paid. They are also sometimes referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Pay-Per-View (PPV) but currently “PTC” seems to be the most common way for  people to refer to these particular types of advertising web sites.

There are literally thousands of PTC sites out there, but my story mainly focuses on four of them. They are…

  1. ClixSense
  2. LeadsLeap
  3. NeoBux
  4. ScarletClicks

With just these four sites, and about an hour, more or less, every day, I am able to earn a steadily growing income.

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If you glance around at my Tame Bear Weblog you can see that I have lots of varied interests. Making money is only part of what I talk about here, and it’s not the most important thing I focus on. But we all need money in order to make a decent life for ourselves in this world, so I’m ok with talking about money.

Making money is not separate from the rest of life, it’s a part of the whole of life.

While my intent in this multi-part story is to show you step-by-step how I’ve been able to make as much money as I possibly can with these four PTC web sites, you can expect that from time to time other interests, other parts of my life will show up. I hope that’s ok with you.


My online persona, if I may call it that, is a wise old bear, “Tame Bear,” a friendly teddy bear who enjoys adventure, likes helping people, loves learning, and is always exploring new things. And the truth is, that’s very much who I am in real life. If you’ve chatted with me online, that’s the real “me” you’re talking to even though I may look like a fuzzy brown bear wearing green hippie glasses.

You know I’m not a real bear, right? Behind every online persona is a real person. And, speaking just for myself, I try and let that online persona reflect the person I really am.

My real name, if you don’t know it already, is Peter Oakley. I am 57 years old. I am a webmaster. For about 17 years I have operated an online business designing and hosting Ecommerce and WordPress web sites for other small businesses.


I got onboard the internet early on — way back in 1996. But you may be surprised to know that I only discovered “Internet Marketing” about three years ago.

Up until then, all the promotion for my small web design business had been word-of-mouth, which has worked well and enabled me to attract a short list of clients that I have worked with for many years.

I am married, no kids, three cats. We’ve lived in the same house in Goshen Indiana for over 15 years. Up until last year my wife was a college professor, a math prof. She’s really smart, really cool, I love her dearly. Like me she has many diverse interests. One long-time interest has been gardening, or what has come to be known these days as “urban homesteading” or “sustainable local agriculture.”

And this year she left her job at the college in order to pursue these enthusiasms more deeply.

We are living on the modest income from my business, on savings, and on some inheritance we received after my dad died in 2008. My sweetie and I have always been savers, even when we did not earn much money from jobs. We’ve never lived beyond our means. We always have enough to give to others. I expect that will continue to be the case even now.


One more thing about me… I am an investor. I put my money to work for me.

I buy shares in tech companies. It’s my business to know who the significant players are on the internet, and over the years I have bought and sold shares in publicly-held companies like Google, Apple, Ebay, Adobe, Cisco, Amazon, and others.

I have weathered several big swings in the market. The Dot Com Bust, the 9-11 Crash, the Great Recession. My investments, like the stock market in general have seen some big dips and rises. Through it all, I have made far more money than I have ever initially invested. I am not a big risk-taker but I am willing to risk losing some money in order to make more money. And I always have a keen eye for learning as much as I can along the way.


So you’re here to learn about how to make a steadily growing income from these Pay-To-Click web sites.

You may have found your way here via my ad page, or through an email you received from me, or in Google+ or Twitter. You want to learn how to make money online.

Ok, this is my story, and I will show you. But I don’t want you to just read — I want you to follow along, to be doing this yourself. So before you do anything else, get signed up with these four very popular PTCs, confirm your emails with them, jot down your passwords so you don’t get locked out, you know the drill.

Get going.

You can click each of the banners below to get your accounts set up. And once you do, I want you to spend the next three days, every day, clicking all the available ads. It will take you about an hour each day. You will make small change. You may be surprised how little money you make spending one hour per day clicking ads on these four PTC sites. Do it anyway. This is the first thing I can teach you. It is how you will learn, and how you will begin to earn serious money.

Click these four banners to get signed up now:

Join ClixSense

LeadsLeap 2.0 is Now a Paid-To-Click!

Join NeoBux

ScarletClicks - Join Now

Don’t put this off. Get signed up with these four dependable money makers, spend an hour or less to click all the ads they offer, and keep an eye open for the next email from Tame Bear — three days from now — when I’ll be sharing the “secrets” you’ll use to grow your own PTC income. So get signed up. Get clicking. The amazing tale is under way.

34 Comments on From Small Change to Serious Money

  1. Mr. Bear- It was great to read more about you.
    I’ve always thought you were a wise bear but didn’t realize you were such an investor. It is great that someone with your investing knowledge appreciates picking up the pennies available to grow your online income.
    I look forward to learning more.

    • Tame Bear says:

      Cathy, whenever Treesh and I are out walking, if one spots a coin on the ground we leap on it, give it to the other and say “Here! A present for YOU!” (And we keep every penny we find.)

  2. Adam Brockie says:

    Great piece Peter, I look forward to the next chapter!

  3. Tame Bear says:

    In three days, Adam. Three days.

  4. Syed Fazlul Haque says:


  5. Joan foote says:

    I have been using Neobux and Nerdbux for several weeks and so far have been building up refferals when I can but have found that Nerdbux often says that they have none available. So far I have not tried to use any of the balance that the refferals have paid me on Neobux.

    I am waiting for the next part of Tame Bear to see how I can increase my earnings,

  6. Tame Bear says:

    Joan, there’s a blog post on upgrades and referral rentals coming in about 9 days, that will probably be helpful to you.

  7. Sarifah says:

    I’ve signed up with these 4 PTC a few weeks ago. I should continue doing or I have to open a new account.

    Please advise.

    • Tame Bear says:

      Welcome, Sarifah. It’s ok if you joined these PTCs under someone else; you can still follow along on this adventure and benefit as much as you can. Spend some time using the PTCs so you become familiar with how they work, and how much (how little) one person can make.

      REFERRALS are the key to success in all of Internet Marketing, and PTCs are only one part of the whole. This is a story about how to introduce others to PTCs, and how to build a business doing so.

      • M.L.Bherota says:

        Hello Mr. Tame Bear,
        Like Sarifah I have also joined these 4 PTCs some time back. Should I also continue doing with them or rejoin?

        • Tame Bear says:

          It’s fine if you are already in these “Core 4” PTCs. What I will be telling you about over the next weeks and months is my personal story about how I am earning money with Paid-To-Click sites, so that you can learn from my experience. The Core 4 PTCs are the starting point for building a “portfolio” of 10-20 PTC sites that you will be earning from, and building downlines in. It is not necessary for you to create new accounts in these Core 4 sites if you are already signed up with them and able to log in. There will be other sites you can join under me, and I will be happy for you to do so, but joining any of these sites using my referral link is not a requirement.

          I hope you will feel free to contribute to the community that is forming around my Tame Bear Weblog; feel free to add your comments, insights, and questions on any of the blog posts you read. Thanks for your participation.

  8. noorbakar says:

    I have been following these mentioned ptcs except for ojooo which i have just registered. You sound sincere in your blog tame bear, so i hope you’ll be good enough to show people like me who doesn’t know much how to make real money through ptcs earning. I’ve been in this game for 3 years and nothing much has transpired. Some ptcs just hanged in the midst of nowhere and some others simply vanished evading all payments to its members. Sometimes you just got fed up with these dishonest ptcs which are only wasting our time clicking on their adverts.

    • Tame Bear says:

      My feeling is that if a PTC is operating profitably they have no reason to disappear. But that is a risk we all face when we attach our own income earning to programs we do not own.

      We can SPREAD that risk out a bit by not relying on any ONE program to be our only source of income. As we go on here, I will be talking about building up a “portfolio” of income sources. If any one of them dries up, there are others to still provide ongoing income.

  9. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: TimTech SOLD NerdBux on March 18, 2014.

    Please read the blog post I wrote about events leading up to the sale: “The Rise and Fall of NerdBux.”

    As you’ll see in the coming weeks, NerdBux has been one of the “winners” in this Amazing Tale, earning A LOT of money for many folks including me, right up until the day of sale. Earnings dropped off quite a bit after that… but not to zero. I am still logging in every day and clicking all available ads, and earning money every day.

    No, I don’t think NerdBux is dead yet, but TRUST — which is an important facet of our business — has been significantly eroded.

  10. umema says:

    i am already into these websites if you can help me still

    • Tame Bear says:

      Hi Umema, you’re welcome to follow along and I hope everything I have to say is helpful to you in these “Core 4 PTCs” plus others that I am also working with. Best of success to you.

  11. Looking forward to the rest of the story!

    • Tame Bear says:

      Hi Sam & Deb, happy to have you following along. At this point (nearly a year into my story) I am net positive in three of the four “core” PTCs. I have earned and received about $1,400. Expenses (advertising, renting referrals, losses) have exceeded earnings by about $800. The LOSSES are from PTCs that I earned money in or put money into and was not able to cashout because they went *kaplooie* — that’s a technical term. :) So far the biggest kaplooie was NerdBux, and over the coming weeks and months you can read about my experience with the rise and fall of NerdBux. My net loss there was $167.

  12. Predrag says:

    Can I join if I am a couple of years a member of the
    ClikSense and Neobus?

    • Tame Bear says:

      Certainly, Predrag, everyone can signup and follow my story, even if you have already joined all the “Core 4” Paid-To-Click sites under someone else. If you enjoy reading my blog posts on this topic and find them useful to your own buisiness, then I hope you will also join other PTCs sites, training, and tools that I recommend, so that I can benefit from what you are learning. Thanks for following my story — and best of success to you!

  13. Can You give me your e-mail?

  14. faithdawg says:

    May I use my paypal account with your system? Thanks.

    • Tame Bear says:

      All of the PTCs that I join use PayPal. And some of those PTCs go bust because PayPal has suspended their accounts. Think of it as a safety switch. Without it, you might waste a lot of time there and never get paid.

  15. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: As of the past several weeks, WordLinx is not paying, and I have removed it from my Core 4. Every time I try to cashout, I get this message:

    Cashout limit reached. Please try again later.

    I will spend my earnings there (about $15) on advertising, and stop clicking at WordLinx. I recommend you come to your own conclusions, based on your experience. But in my view WordLinx is an underperform. I won’t remove it from my portfolio just yet, but I won’t be using it unless I see some indication the situation has improved.

  16. Visan dorin says:

    Hello tame bear…just got ur confirmațio mail…surfed a bit ur Blog and i like what i c. Aș for the 4 core,i allready have acc.but im awayting ur posts for new Info. Sry for bad english…phone autocorrect.

  17. ladyruth says:

    Hi tame bear

    Paypal is not jet operating in my country. What can I do?

  18. These four works l`m doing .

  19. Tame Bear says:

    Welcome, Nagy, that’s excellent. When something is working for you, even just a little bit, then what you can do is keep learning how to make it work better and earn more. That’s what my story is all about. That’s how you will go “from small change to serious money.” Bear hunters! Thanks for being on the Tame Bear Team.

  20. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: CashNHits is gone, PandaProfits is IN.

    Read “CashNHits Here and Gone” for details. PandaProfits is new from a known and trusted TimTech alumni crew. Have a look and get signed up today. It is just getting started.

  21. Rich says:

    Just wondering how many hours you spend a day on PTC.

    Seems like most of them either can’t earn much for me or take hours and hours to earn anything.

    I have never been successful in recruiting folks and don’t believe in “Renting/Buying Referrals” as some of them offer.

    For example I have enrolled 50+ into ClixSense however only have about 3 clicking ads each day.

    • Tame Bear says:

      Rich, do you just like to click? Or are you interested in building a business? Because while these are not mutually exclusive, they are not the same thing.

      To build a business in Paid-To-Click takes time first of all. About an hour a day to start with. To grow it into a full-fledged business means you will need to advertise and recruit. You will need to blog and email. Simple but true. It’s not difficult but you need to keep at it every day. Read every email you receive in the “Amazing Tale” series and you will understand that building a business is a whole lot more fun than just clicking on ads every day. Glad to have you with us.

  22. George Akuboh says:

    My name is George from Nigeria, I just subscribed to your tame bear blog & I’m taking your advice to ‘sending in my idea of Serious Money. Well, $1000 per month would mean , Serious Money to me and my family; I’m just curious how you can help me to accomplish that, starting now.

    • Tame Bear says:

      George, $1,000 per month. How do you get there from here? Start by reading each email of “The Amazing Tale” that shows up in your Inbox. Click each link and read the blog posts carefully. Do as I do and you will do as well as me. Maybe better. Why? Because I am just average. But also ;) because if you do better than me, I’ll do better too, so we all do better and better. I think that’s awesome, don’t you?

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