The Grid Game at ProBuxIn my first several weeks at ClixSense, I spent some time playing the ClixGrid game.


Before upgrade you get 30 chances clicking a square on the grid. After upgrade, it doubles to 60 clicks. (ClixSense has changed the allowable daily click count and payout amounts a couple times since I joined, slightly improving the chances of winning. My guess is they make adjustments to try and maximize the clicking.)

Day 21

I wasn’t tracking how often I played the game. I doubt I played more than a couple dozen times, and I never won anything. It takes about 10-20 minutes or more to click all your squares (depending on how distracted you get by the ads), and personally it didn’t seem like time well spent.

My friend Adam Brockie is a regular grid-clicker in the PTCs and he wins something every month. His strategy is interesting — he says just make a rectangle, and fill it in. Doesn’t matter where you start or end, or what the width or height is, so long as it’s got the proper number of squares to click. Then just click and fill it all in.

That’s the strategy I’m following with the new Pay-To-Clicks we’re comparing with ClixSense. I’ve decided to be more deliberate about testing these games of chance — for your benefit — and you can decide if it’s worth your time or not.

Games of Chance - Playing ClixGrid, NerdGrid, ProGrid, and AdPrize

Both NerdBux and ProBux have grids to click on in hopes of winning a prize. Number of allowable daily clicks and payouts vary. I have played one or the other of these grids every day. On a few days I have won extra clicks, but after three weeks I have not yet won any cash.


I very much prefer playing the AdPrize game at NeoBux. You win three clicks/chances with every ad you view, and I click them as soon as I have cleared my page of ads.


I have won additional NeoPonts, and on Day 21 I won 25¢. (See the uptick at the end of the yellow NeoBux line.)

I will continue to play the grid games for another week — just for you :) and we will see if I get lucky.


If you are feeling especially lucky, that you’re particularly good at games of chance, or if you think you’ve cracked the code on grid games, post your strategy below. What’s the most you’ve made on these games so far?


There’s a new Pay-To-Click on the chart today. I joined Hitzza… and quickly discovered there are very few ads to click there. But something else too: advertising rates at Hitzza are very affordable. So I spent $8 for 4,000 clicks to run my PTC capture page there, and am getting a decent number of signups from it. Do you advertise on Pay-To-Clicks?

4 Comments on Games of Chance

  1. Adam Brockie says:

    Hi Peter

    Cool post. Regarding the amount made on the Clixgrid, the most ever with one click was $5 a couple years ago. Over $28.40 total in nearly 3 years. I did not play it the first couple years as a member.

    As far as advertising on PTCs, as previously mentioned, I bought 15 days on the Clixgrid, so far 5 signups in the first 8 days. I did not have a very good experience at Neobux though. I purchased 5000 clicks, which includes 5000 adprize clicks. They were gone in 20 minutes!

    I look forward to reading others experience in this area.


  2. Adam Brockie says:

    Yes, Nerdbux. The ad is receiving close to 800 views a day. For the price (I paid $11 for 15 days), not a bad value. As soon as this one ends, I will renew for 30 days at $20.

    Will let you know how it goes.

  3. Toni Bringman says:

    Hi Peter

    I’m really liking your “experiment”. As far as the grids go I just recently started doing them. I admit I don’t do them everyday, just if I have some extra time. Anyhow, I pretty much do it the same way that Adam does; make a rectangle and fill it in. Results = ClixSense 3771 clicks $1.45 earned. Nerdbux – 401 clicks $0.31 earned. Neobux (AdPrize)- countless clicks 130 NeoPoints. Haven’t really tried Probux yet.

    Thanks Adam for the insight on advertising on these sites.

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