By Day 17 of “The Amazing Tale it appears NerdBux has “gone hockey stick,” far surpassing the other three Pay-To-Clicks in daily income.

Four PTCs - Day 17

What caused this rapid take-off? Two words: Renting Referrals.

In the previous episode (Upgrades and Referrals) we saw the effects of upgrading in ClixSense, and renting referrals in NerdBux. Cost to rent 100 referrals at NerdBux was $20. Over the past week since purchase my income in NerdBux has been averaging about 35¢ per day. That’s up from the slightly less than 3¢ per day I was earning on my own.

Day 17

So by renting referrals, I am earning about 10 times as much as I could on my own.


After 7 days of renting, I ask myself… “Is it profitable?”

I paid $20 to rent 100 referrals for 30 days. After 30 days those referrals go away unless I continue to rent them. So the profitability question is important. Can I earn at least $20 in 30 days? Let’s do the simple calculation:

INCOME: 35¢ * 30 days = $10.50

Uh oh. In spite of that happy-looking chart up there, if I don’t do something, I will be losing money! I need to at least double the productivity of my referrals, or reduce the rental cost, or both.

Turns out I can do both quite easily.


There is a more affordable way to rent referrals — and keep the best ones. It’s called AutoRenew, and I enabled it immediately upon renting this  batch of 100 referrals.

AutoRenew automatically renews any referral for another 30 days when they click an ad. This is the way to automatically keep your good clickers and identify the deadbeats. NerdBux also permits you to replace any non-clicking referrals at no cost after 14 days. (You can also recycle referrals any time for a small fee.) By using these features, you can incrementally improve the productivity of your referral pool.

My auto-renewal cost for the first week was running about 52¢ per day.

EXPENSE: 52¢ * 30 days = $15.60

So the ongoing cost to rent 100 referrals (and keep the best ones) is $15.60 every 30 days. I’ve cut $4.40 in expenses. But that still doesn’t get me to profitability.


Let’s take another look at upgrading. I can double the income from my referrals just by upgrading in NerdBux. The upgrade cost is $50 per year. If I do that, I’d be earning 70¢ per day instead of 35¢ per day.

BETTER INCOME: 70¢ * 30 days = $21.00

A monthly income of $21.00 and a monthly expense of $15.60 nets me a monthly profit of $4.40 in NerdBux. I can likely keep improving my profit by recycling my deadbeat referrals who aren’t clicking, replacing them with new ones, and keeping the ones who continue to do the most clicking.

What do you think — Should I go for the $50 annual upgrade? Tell me what you’d do, and what you think I should do. And in another week I’ll let you know what I decided to do.

11 Comments on Is It Profitable?

  1. Adam Brockie says:

    Hello Peter
    As you know, I took the plunge and purchased the annual upgrade. So far it has worked well and I earned it back after 7 weeks. I also initially rented 130 refs. Over the course of 45 days, I whittled them down to a solid 50 that are clicking. I have now earned nearly $90 and spent $80 to do so. At the present pace I will net $35 per month ($45 earned per month less $10 for renting) I would most definitely suggest that you take the upgrade.

  2. Adam Brockie says:

    I should mention that I have 56 direct referrals thus far, which are adding to my daily average. I got them by trading tokens for the CTP spotlight page on 3 occasions and by purchasing ads on the Clixsense Clixgrid with Clixsense earnings.

    • Tame Bear says:

      Are you including the advertising as part of your expenses? The CTP tokens are worth about 50¢ each, the ClixGrid best price is currently 45¢ per day. 56 direct referrals — that’s great!

  3. Adam Brockie says:

    Good point, no I haven’t counted the advertising. I paid $11 for 15 days on the Clixgrid. The estimate of my profit with Nerdbux is based on $1.50 per day. Lately I have been earning more than $2.00 a day so that does fluctuate a little. I hope they keep 80 ads on there, that is a very good number.

  4. Suzanna Marlow says:

    I’m still not sold on this yet. I’ve been doing this every day & all I can keep thinking is how much I am capable of making in an hour and it’s certainly more than $2 a day. Maybe I’m not seeing the big picture. Right now I’m out of work, so I have the time to investigate this further– it pays more than solitaire on the home computer.

  5. Tame Bear says:

    Suzanna, over time your own clicks earning $2 for an hour’s time will pale in comparison to the clicks from your referrals.

    If it’s not clear to you yet, the way to earn more substantial money in Pay-To-Click is with referrals. You can get direct referrals through advertising (this is likely to be slow) or you can rent referrals (much faster.) But as I describe in this blog post, renting referrals is not always profitable. So developing a keen business analysis about the options available to you can make a big difference in the outcome.

    You can see in the comments above that Adam Brockie has about half direct and half rented referrals. So far (Day 17) almost all my referrals are rented.

  6. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: TimTech SOLD NerdBux on March 18, 2014.

    Please read the blog post I wrote about the events leading up to the sale: “The Rise and Fall of NerdBux.”

    Earnings dropped off quite a bit after the sale… but not to zero. I am still logging in every day and clicking all available ads, and earning money.

    No, I don’t think NerdBux is dead yet, but TRUST — which is an important facet of business — has been significantly eroded.

  7. Elina Balashova says:

    It still puzzles me how some of the members were able to keep their accounts on NB. I’m happy for you if JJ is paying at least some of you though..

    • Tame Bear says:

      Elina just to clarify… You are reading about my “Day 17” experience in NerdBux, which was nearly a year ago when TimTech still owned it. If you are subscribed to my “Amazing Tale” then you’ll see more about NerdBux, it’s amazing growth, and it’s unfortunate demise.

      I was still a member of NerdBux when I wrote that last comment back in April. But I’ve since been deleted.

      I don’t know why Johnson kept some members’ accounts and deleted others. I was a Lifetime Member and still my account was deleted. I have never received any response about anything from Mr. Johnson, in forum posts, support tickets, or emails. No explanation, no help in understanding what the original problem was that caused TimTech to dump that PTC, etc. Now it’s just history. Trust is gone. In the end I lost $167 in NerdBux, and I have no plans to ever join it again, or anything else Johnson is involved in.

      I should also say the experience has damaged my trust in TimTech as well. As soon as they unloaded NerdBux, they kicked Kore4 into high gear. I am taking a wait-and-see approach to Kore4 to see if it has longevity. It added complexity to the evergreen Click-Track-Profit training & TE downline building program, and I don’t think the added complexity is a good thing. If Kore4 is still here a year from now, maybe I will consider joining it.

      I hope you enjoy my story as it continues to unfold. Thanks for your comments, and BEST OF SUCCESS TO YOU! :)

  8. Adam Brockie says:

    Right on Pete !! I am waiting for Kore5 or Kore4.1 to kick in and take away privileges of the Original Kore4 members. I was a lifetime member at all of the TimTech sites before Kore4 and all of the VIP perks were taken away. 2 of my CTP downline upgraded to Kore4, now they are in somebody else’s downline, nice. I am taking a wait, and wait, and wait approach myself. I refuse to be duped again. Oh, I was also a lifer at Nerdbux, wasn’t that a peach.

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