June 22, 2013

Very Time-Sensitive Message From Frederick Mann Regarding Your Account

I’m sending this letter to those who have worked alongside with me and my team. We have led millions of people into financial abundance using revolutionary financial business models. During the course of helping people make money online it becomes necessary to grow with technology and invent more efficient products, services and systems to adapt to growing trends.

The systems that I have developed have created millionaires from average people. Success is not just for the top recruiters or the already successful individuals. I have created my success by helping people make money with ease. During the course of business I have created companies, licenced concepts and sold organizations. In all successes there are obstacles to overcome and failures to learn from.

As many of you are aware I sold JustBeenPaid! to a Group who set up ProfitClicking.com. Recently I was asked to review the current operations of the organization and found the company to have challenges that has harmed members and the business model I developed to run indefinitely.

I am now involved in creating a solution to the many challenges facing Profit Clicking, however, while this plan is being developed I want to offer a temporary solution for all members. After selling JustBeenPaid! I had planned on retiring, however, my heart has always been aligned with helping people make money online. I came out of retirement to help build a new system known as Clickpaid.com.

After I designed JustBeenPaid! I saw it help millions of members financially. This type of growth identified some areas that needed improvement to help even more people find success.

I advocate multiple streams of income. While a strategy is being developed to address the challenges facing Profit Clicking, members should apply the multiple streams of income concept. JustBeenPaid! ran with amazing success as it grew to the pinnacle of online moneymaking opportunities.

Clickpaid is the system quickly overtaking the success of JustBeenPaid! because it’s very simple and people can earn within 60 seconds from the time they join.

Some may have concerns about having an experience similar to what is happening in Profit Clicking. I need everyone to know these issues are a management problem not a system problem. My systems have run successfully as long as I have operated them. The Clickpaid owners are committed to making the system the future of online opportunities and a top notch advertising solution for companies to grow their businesses.

Clickpaid is ready to commit to helping you develop success. I am going to help Profit Clicking resolve the challenges they are experiencing and while I support them, you can start making money now with Clickpaid.com. They will start you with your first $10.00.

Profit Clicking Members are being notified level by level about ClickPaid and its success. Your direct referrals will be notified by the Profit Clicking system in about three days.

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