UPDATE: Nerdbux, which was SOLD in March 2014, was one of my top earners. After the sale, earnings dropped to almost nothing, and then the new owner deleted my account. I am no longer promoting NerdBux, and I advise you to stay away from the owner — Jeffrey Johnson — and any sites he is associated with. In my personal experience, he is a bad person and I hope you never have any dealings with him.

The topic of this post today is, in hindsight, what really brought NerdBux down. I believe the guys at TimTech wanted to be generous, but in so doing, they set in motion their own downfall. But it did not look that way at the time.

Now read on to see what they did…


I say “Whoa!”  Something incredible has happened at NerdBux.

This is a game changer.

This is a wake-up call to the entire PTC industry, and newcomer NerdBux is not afraid to rock the house, big time!


In an email titled “Huge News” NerdBux made this announcement three days ago to all their members:

We’ve heard your concerns and we’re changing the way you earn money in NerdBux!

Starting today, you will get paid for all your direct and rented referrals who click on micro ads! It’s a popular trend in the PTC world to NOT pay you on all your referral clicks on micro ads, well today we’re shaking things up!

This is unprecedented. Unheard of. Astounding.

Pay-To-Click sites typically pay you half a penny when one of your referrals clicks on a 1¢ ad. If you are upgraded, both you and your referral earn a penny. But the 1¢ (and 2¢ and 3¢) ads are a small chunk of the total ads available to click. As you know most of those ads pay only 1/10th of a penny. And until yesterday you’d earn nothing at all when your referrals click those ads.

But NerdBux has just stepped up to the plate and hit a homer.

If you are upgraded in NerdBux (as I am), you will earn 100% of everything your referrals click on. When a referral clicks on a 1/10th-penny ad, you earn 1/10th of a penny. That may not sound like much but it can really add up if you have a good number of referrals. You’ll see in just a moment.


So here’s where we’re at today — DAY 72. The impact of this news is huge and shows up on our chart as a noticable curve upwards in the green NerdBux line.

NerdBux - Earn on Every Referral Click

I’ve continued to pump money (there’s another water-like reference) into my portfolio of PTCs, and I’ve taken additional cashouts at NerdBux, NeoBux, and ProBux. I’ve also taken a first cashout at EveBux.

Day 72
Day 72
Day 72
Days To Profit
at $4.81 per day
96 days

Current earnings per day is $4.81.


Oh yeah — this is huge.

Say you have 200 referrals. Let’s also say there are 4 penny ads and 20 1/10 penny ads to click on. When we run the numbers here’s what happens… You earn 6¢ that day from clicking all the ads. Each of your referrals earns 6¢ too. And you also earn 6¢ from each of your referrals — all 200 of them — so your additional earnings are… wait for it… $12.00! You just earned $12.06 that day.

In reality not all referrals are clicking all the ads. Some only click on the 1¢ ads, and some don’t click at all. As I’ve mentioned in “Spending Money to Make Money” it was quite challenging to make any profit at all at NerdBux by renting referrals.

But in the few days since this change happened, I went from earning an average of just 34¢ per day at NerdBux to earning $1.79 per day.


Now you get it?


Remember our simple formula for renting referrals:

“If I pay $20 to rent 100 referrals for 30 days, they will need to earn 66¢ per day to reach break-even.”

So if I am earning $1.79 per day, my net profit is:

$1.79$0.66 = $1.13 per day

This is the profit zone. Now the more money I spend on referrals from NerdBux, the more money I will make.

If I can make a net profit of $1.13 per day, that’s $7.91 per week, $34.28 per month, $411.32 per year. At NerdBux. With my current “office pool” of about 200 rented referrals.

So then, what do you suppose I did this morning? First thing I did was pour more money into NerdBux and rent more referrals.

(Pour. There’s another water-like term for describing the flow of money.)


Once you’re in the profit zone, it becomes easy to project your earnings…

200 referrals = $411.32 per year in net profit.

400 referrals = $822.64 per year net profit.

4,000 referrals = $8,226.40 per year.

Do you want to earn $50 per day? Then rent 8,874 referrals at NerdBux.

Do you want to earn $1,000 per week? Then rent 25,284 referrals at NerdBux.

NerdBux is attracting new referrals at a rate of about 1,500 per day. That is remarkable growth. If you want some of those referrals, then take action and start renting. And if you are not yet advertising your own NerdBux referral link everywhere you can, to get direct referrals? What are you waiting for? 


Those net profit projections are for renting referrals at only one PTC — NerdBux.

But I think it’s likely that before long, other PTCs will begin to follow NerdBux’s lead and start paying for every single referral click.

Take NeoBux for example — some have been calling NeoBux “The King of PTCs.”  But now NeoBux has got to be looking over their shoulder and wondering if NerdBux will zoom past them and steal their crown. I don’t think NeoBux will let that happen. Do you?

Have you also seen a big uptick in your NerdBux earnings? How do you think this huge news will impact the PTC industry? Add your comments below.

Pay-To-Click is a tight community where everyone else is trying to follow the leader. So when upstart NerdBux makes a game-changing move like this, other PTCs are bound to follow.

5 Comments on NerdBux: All I Can Say Is — Whoa!

  1. terwin8 says:

    I’m really confused by this email I just received. Where are you getting this info from? All I see on the website now is the fact that the new owner removed every single rented referral that I had (they were active and earning me ). I do not see any forum statement from Johnny explaining anything.

    I thought Nerdbux was dead????

  2. Tame Bear says:

    Hey Terwin, I think your confusion comes from not realizing you are reading MY story, as it happened, starting in late August 2013. It is playing out in real time, and the story is ongoing. But depending on when you signed up and began reading my autoresponder series, you may be WEEKS or MONTHS behind me. My story is delivered in a sequence of emails AS IF I started at the same time you did. That way you can easily compare your progress with mine.

    For YOU, this is DAY 72 — you signed up to receive my “Amazing Tale” blog series 72 days ago, right? So you can compare YOUR earnings, cashouts, how much you’ve spent, and how soon til you reach profitability, with the numbers I’ve presented in this blog post.

    If you are tracking your progress with the spreadsheet I presented on DAY 3 then you have all those numbers for your own PTC business and can compare them with mine.

    The “Huge News” email from NerdBux came out in mid-October 2013. IF you joined NerdBux after that, then you would not have gotten the email.

    TimTech sold NerdBux on March 18, 2014 after struggling to remain profitable and dealing with cashflow problems. I have often wondered in the days since that sale, if TimTech might have caused their own problems simply because they chose to pay members for every referral click.

    What we know now (and what you, Termin, will see in upcoming blog posts) is that NerdBux earnings really took off after that, and it could be they were just giving away too much money and not allowing their NerdBux business to become profitable.

    I have posted a new blog post this week about the sale of NerdBux, asking Did TimTech Sell Too Soon? You can read it here: The Rise and Fall of NerdBux

  3. Sandy says:

    As of 3/21 nerdbux cannot pay members, paypal has banned them and the freakin payout minimum is $100. Standard members will never reach this. I’m pissed cause I was just requesting payout of $4.00 and learned all this. No email warnings and no one can post on forum and the new owner has the nerve to sign a post “Yours In Christ”. Not very christian to me :-(

  4. Tame Bear says:

    Under the new owner, rules are changing frequently at NerdBux. Now minimum cashout is $10 which is comparable to other successful PTCs. Another new rule: Starting tomorrow (April 1st) you’ll need to click 20 ads in order to earn from referrals. Check for new announcements in the NerdBux Forum every day to see what has changed.

  5. Tame Bear says:

    Well, it’s happened – I’ve been canned from NerdBux. A few days ago I posted a message on the NerdBux Forum in response to someone else who noticed that both direct and rented referral pages were really screwed up. I agreed, and said I hoped Johnson could get it fixed and soon.

    I didn’t think my post was especially critical, just expressing some of the frustration with the state of NerdBux following the TimTech sale. Apparently it doesn’t take much to ruffle Johnson’s feathers. The fact that he would read a forum post and respond by deleting my account suggests he finds pleassure in being vindictive. The guy must have no love in his life. That’s sad.

    I am shrugging it off and moving on.

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