One way to build your Paid-To-Click (PTC) portfolio is by joining two more PTCs for every one PTC that fails. This is the method I have used to build a portfolio of about 20 sites that I use every day to earn more money in my PTC business.

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Now I’m sure you’ve noticed that I only feature 4 top PTC sites in my advertising. All the rest I discuss in these blog posts. So if you want to learn a whole lot about the other PTCs in my portfolio, then you better be on my list and pay attention whenever another email from Tame Bear comes around. And I know that quite a few of you appreciate the value I provide in picking well-run Paid-To-Click sites that you can build downlines in and make more money.


Which brings us to the sad story of PandaProfits, one of the most promising PTCs to come around in a long while. I added PandaProfits to my portfolio the day it launched, on Thanksgiving 2015. Unfortunately the owners announced in late April 2016 that they had run out of money. They could not continue, and were looking for a buyer. Naturally the first thing I did was join two more PTCs:



GrandBux has been in existence for about one and a half years. It launched in January 2014 and has been hovering near the top of the eMoneySpace PTC Site List ever since.


FamilyClix - Paid-To-Click Ad Site

FamilyClix appeared in September 2014, and has occasionally made it to the first page of the eMoneySpace List.

You can explore them at your leisure. If you are not already a member, please click the banners above and use my referral links to make your acquaintance. The eMoneySpace List is a good place to go looking for new sites to add to your portfolio, though it’s good to keep in mind any list that relies on user votes for ranking can be gamed.

For now these two PTCs are on my “Testing” list because I have not yet received a cashout from either one. I’ll have more to say about each as I gain more experience with them.


In my last broadcast to the honorable Tame Bear readership (see “Buying a Paid-To-Click“) I wrote about my interest in negotiating with PandaProfits owner Tom Wacker and the others on his team, to see if it was feasible for me to take over ownership of their site. I can now report those negotiations did not last long… but it was a highly educational process. I will have more to say about that — in some detail — in an upcoming blog post that is already in the works.


The exit of PandaProfits left a hole to fill in my Top 4 PTCs. These are the ones that appear on my ad page. I need to replace PandaProfits soon. I have two Paid-To-Clicks that I think are excellent picks for the top spot. They are:


LegacyClix - Paid-To-Click Ad Site

LegacyClix launched two and a half years ago; owned and operated by a group of guys who know how to run a business. This is a first foray into Paid-To-Click by owners Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage, who are best known for their high-traffic TEs LegacyHits, SocialAdHits, and NinjaSurf. It is their low surf timer and their association with Eric Goettman’s CashSurfingNetwork that produces consistently high daily traffic volume. Paid-To-Click is not their main focus (The group just recently bought SurfSkeleton) but with their business sense I’m glad to see it has staying power.


LeadsLeap - Paid-To-Click Ad Site

LeadsLeap is a lead generation system that got it’s start in 2008 and has been a very good place to advertise. It became a Paid-To-Click just a few months ago with the launch of LeadsLeap 2.0, still with it’s original owner, Kenneth Koh at the helm. Ken’s blog is essential reading for online marketers, and with his expertise I’m sure this new entry in the PTC space will do well.

Help me decide! Which of these two do you think I should put in the top spot on my ad page? Or do you think there’s something better I should be looking at? Post in the Comments section below and share your thoughts.


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