IMPORTANT UPDATE – Monday July 11, 2011: I have been in close communication with members of my upline and there is considerable concern about the viability of the membership program known as “Just 2 Bucks A Month,” which I have been describing and promoting in this and other blog posts. Mike Chaundy, the owner/admin of the program, has been unusually slow in acknowledging new member signups, putting the integrity of the whole program in jeopardy. Until I see some clear evidence that Mike is able to manage the program in a reliable and dependable manner, I am as of today suspending all promotion and my recommendation is that you NOT join this program, either through links on this page or through any other advertising for “Just 2 Bucks A Month” wherever you see it being promoted.

I hope Mike comes around and either demonstrates a renewed commitment to administering this program in a timely and trustworthy manner; or hands off the day-to-day administrative tasks to someone more capable of doing so. That is my hope, but until then I will not recommend “Just 2 Bucks A Month” and will make no further efforts to invite others to join.

       Sincerely, Peter Oakley (aka: “Tame Bear”)


We’re beginning to see these ads all over the traffic exchanges:

Can you afford to invest just $2 per month - and retire in 15 months?

Invest just $2 per month - and retire in 15 months?

Site owner Mike Chaundy makes the bold prediction that if you join and pay the $2 monthly membership fee you could be retiring 15 months from now. In order for that to happen you will need to introduce just two others to the Just2Bucks program, and then help them get two others… and keep doing that for the next 15 months, at which time you’ll have a downline of over 64,000 other members, 15 levels deep.

It’s a captivating idea — but isn’t Just2Bucks yet another Ponzi scheme that will eventually come crashing down? The Bear thinks not and here’s why.

First, your monthly membership in Just2Bucks gives you email addresses of everyone in your downline, so it’s a potentially massive list builder.

Second, You’ll also be receiving messages from your upline. This list will have at most 15 people on it — depending on when you’ve joined. But they will be some of the most influential people you can meet in this business! And they will want to be networking with you! So watch for their emails, write back, and develop good working relationships with your Just2Bucks upline – they want to help you succeed.

Third, with such a low entry fee Just2Bucks is an easy sell. And the 15-month cycle means you’ll only be spending a total of $30 to find out if this grand experiment works. You’ll be paid a portion of everyone’s $2 membership in your entire downline — that’s where the residual income and potential retirement comes from. Remaining in the program keeps that massive residual income flowing.

There are other benefits but these are why The Bear is IN with Just2Bucks. I signed up just yesterday and already I have four people on my upline list. You in? If you want to join and be in my downline simply click on any of the Just2Bucks links in this article.

Update – It took me less than 10 days to get my first two referrals in this new program, and since then I have been helping the members after me get their two… and teaching them to do the same. What Just2Bucks has going for it:

  • Affordable – it costs “just 2 bucks a month”
  • It’s got a great community that wants to help you succeed.
  • It can build potentially huge email lists for all its members.

The low membership fee makes for an easy decision. Even better is the community of other business leaders who are so encouraging. Many in the J2BAM Skype Group are helping — fantastic people like Cathy White, Karla Cross, Allen Davis, Murray Ostashev, Valerie Smith, Patrick Griffin, and many more — ¬†and they have some great ideas!

For example – this page is a rotator. When you join Just 2 Bucks A Month using any of the links in this page, you will be joining someone in my downline. Since I already have my two referrals, I am now helping others build their downlines.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be in touch with you (and you with me) because we’ll all be working at building our email lists and we can use them to keep in touch. There’s never been a better $2 membership to help grow my list, my income, and my community.

Find out for yourself — join Just 2 Bucks A Month right now!

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16 Comments on Retire in 15 Months?

  1. Thanks for the compliment TB but, I have to emphasize, it is the fantastic group of leaders joining this program which is making it work.

    I actually passed on this the first time I saw thinking it was just another fly by night program with no sustainability. I had a friend ask me to look at it again and after talking with her and mapping out a strategy, I jumped in full force. I am sure glad I did.

    This is the best list builder I have found to date. As you mention above, you are building a list of upline members and downline members. What is great about these lists are these are people who take action. You have a list of proven networkers who are willing to spend money and go to work. For just 2 Bucks a Month, how can you pass this up?

  2. Mr Tame bear very well done I must say. Folks I’m one of the masterminds who will be there to help you succeed in this great membership site and downline builder. Just think — for less than the price of 3 sodas per month, you could have a good chance at having an online income in 15 months. Join us and become part of the J2BAM Community! J2BAM is an APPROVED SITE BY Professor Cue Ball Clicks so join Tame Bear NOW!

  3. A great blog with a lot of great information. I passed this up the first time, but when our team of successful people wanted to join then I did too.
    This is the easiest list builder and I’ve gotten a lot of referrals. In 60 days my down-line is 265, now that is amazing.

    Veronica Smith
    The Passionate Marketer

  4. “It’s not what you know but who that counts.” Negotiating the minefield of the internet can be a very lonely place. Who do you trust; what should you join; what should you avoid; how is it best to market when you have discovered the “next best thing since sliced bread?”

    I am finding the answers to all of these important questions (and more) by taking part in the Skype room chat with this brilliant group via Just 2 Bucks A Month. The motivation and inspiration are priceless.

    I feel very blessed to have joined this group.

    • Its not my link to J2BM in my post. I didnt add it. Tame Bear’s blog and I am not trying to steal his thunder.

      • Tame Bear says:

        Diane, I added that link – it’s the same rotator link that is used throughout this article, so that if any readers want to join J2BAM they will be joining under another member in my downline. That’s what the rotator does. (And of course once they’ve joined, I will promote their downline too!)

        • Good idea. It just seemed odd that everybody mentioned the program but mine was the only comment that got linked. No problem.

        • Tame Bear says:

          I’d like there to be a link in the very last comment, so that any readers have a link they can easily click to become a member of J2BAM… but this page is getting more comments than most others on my weblog. Nina’s comment is the last one now – should I add another link there?

          Thanks so much for all the positive comments everybody, Just 2 Bucks A Month is a good program in itself but what we’ve all discovered is that it’s the COMMUNITY of members helping members that really makes it shine!

  5. Karla Cross says:

    You captured the simple reasons why this program makes sense. When I finally started making friends and building relationships online is when I finally started making money. The team effort of J2BAM has been nothing short of amazing and I am so happy that I was in the right place at the right time.

    So many people are tired of trying to do this internet marketing thing alone and with Just 2 Bucks they don’t have to. No more sponsors guarding their secrets and keeping tips and tricks to themselves. Here, your upline has all the incentive in the world to work with you and ensure your success.

    Great article Tame Bear.

  6. Awesome pages you’ve put together, TameBear. And the points that you’ve shared in this blog are so true. We are all working together.

    I’ve never seen such a helpful, sharing group of people. Many of us have worked together in other groups but this one just “takes the cake”!

    If YOU are looking for a “home”, J2BAM can’t be beat. Are you going to get rich overnight? Heck no! But as TB pointed out, you will be building a list (more importantly, building relationships) and you’ll be earning a SUSTAINABLE residual income.

    Where will you be in 15 months if you don’t join? Where will you be in 15 months if you do? The choice is yours. I’m IN!

  7. Karen Kuty says:

    Well said, Tame Bear!

    I have learned more in less than 2 months with J2BAM than I have in the previous 4 that I have been an IM newbie! The other members and the support available are fantastic. I have even been getting sign-ups in my other programs due to what I have been learning in J2BAM.

    I have found it tremendously helpful to network with the other members, I even learn a lot just by paying attention to what they are doing–which is kind of the point of a membership site–networking with other members and learning from each other so that we can all be more successful.

    If you are willing to work, the help is there, and people will be patient with you. This is not get-rich-quick; this is for the people who plan to be in this business for the long run. That’s why the plan calls for a 15-month timeline.

    You don’t need a lot of money; you don’t need to be an expert; you just need to step up and get started.

    Best Regards,

    Karen Kuty (klkuty)
    P.S. I may not be on your list of business leaders YET, but I’m working on it!

  8. Great site Tame Bear. I am blown away with Just2Bucks! I was introduced to the program by a group of girls who accidentally contacted me on skype because we were in the same group. Thank you Karla, Jolynn, Kay,and Cathy!

  9. Great site you have here Tame Bear! I am thrilled to be working with you in this awesome program and you certainly picked the best team to be on! I was fortunate to meet Cathy, Karla, Janet and the rest of the group about a year ago and am honored to be working with them! I also like the honesty and sincerity that 2bucks and Mike portray. I think we have hit a home run here! Just a little bit of work and help everyone get their 2 – how simple is that! Going into my 3 month with J2BAM, this team has grown to almost 360 members….. at the end of my first month, my team was at 30 members, end of the second month, 239 members. Exponential growth???? I think so! The reward is huge and I can only imagine where we will all be a year from now!

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