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73 Comments on Signup Confirmed!

  1. Suzanna Marlow says:

    I’m checking out your site just to see what it’s about. As far as earning “serious” money online– I would say anything over $1000 a week would be “serious”.

    • KC says:

      I say $2000 a week would definitely be serious to me!! At this point “anything over broke” works just fine for me. I have to get out from under my ocean of debt that I am drowning in!!

      • Tame Bear says:

        Welcome KC. One problem with being in debt while hoping to make some money is that it generally takes at least some money in order to make more money. You can play along for free but it will be a bit like watching from the sidelines. You are of course still welcome to follow along.

        • Laura King says:

          I hear what KC says loud and clear!! I am so broke right now I can’t pay attention; am trying to make a living online as none of the employers I’ve contacted in the past few years have offered me a job. Right now am on paid to click and traffic exchanges. And by the way, I am not “hoping” to make “some money”. I am determined to find a legit way to support myself on the internet, and am more than eager to learn anything that will help.

        • Tame Bear says:

          And to Laura King, I gotta be honest with you — it takes time to begin to make money in online marketing. Many of the ads you see suggest it’s easy to Get Rich Quick but in my experience there is so much to learn, details and techniques to sales, marketing, and selling, that it takes a typical person 3-5 years or more before you reach profitability and begin making respectable money. Before that, you’ll spend a lot of time earning just pennies a day. And the only way to turn pennies into something much more beautiful is to stick with it and keep learning everything you can.

          You will also have to be putting together your own “marketing system” that works for you and reflects your own passions and interests and your personal brand. I’ll show you here how I’ve done it, but there is no simple “copy and paste” method that works for everyone.

          Ideally you need to be able to offer something of value that people want before you can really begin to gain traction. Figuring that out can take a long time, no doubt about it.

    • klutan says:

      100$в день ну или чуть меньше

  2. Tame Bear says:

    A thousand dollars per week — that’s about $52,000 per year. Or about $200 more per week than the U.S. median (half the population above, half below) income of $42,000 per year. Suzanna, if that’s your goal, then you are above average. :) Let’s see what we can do to help get you there.

  3. Khumbulani says:

    l have just signed up. May the tale begin!!!

  4. Gordon Wood says:

    Hi Tame Bear, I’m looking at earning around $3000.00 per month

    Regards Gordon

  5. akram says:

    now just i subscribe this one amazing website ,what i can do next step

  6. Tame Bear says:

    Hi Akram, thanks for confirming your signup and so glad you like Tame Bear Weblog. Welcome.

  7. christine says:

    HI Tame bear I am looking to earn around 3oo per week

    • Tame Bear says:

      Hi Christine, welcome to Tame Bear Weblog. $300 per week? That’s about $43 per day. We’ll see what we can do — this is an ongoing experiment to discover what is possible.

  8. Sarifah says:

    Dear Bear,

    I’m hoping for about $50/day.

    • Tame Bear says:

      Welcome, Sarifah. Despite all the advertisements to the contrary, very very few of us have what it takes to make obscene amounts of money in a very short amount of time. Yes, those fairytales can happen, but it takes a kind of grit and determination that most mortals do not have.

      HOWEVER I am sure you will come to be earning $50 per day if you stick with it, and work at it every day. Working the PTCs takes about an hour a day. I do it every single day (even Saturdays and Sundays — I never take a day off) and that persistence has paid off in a way that I am very happy with.

      Are you determined to spend one hour per day at this, every single day? And continue to do so unto you have reached your goal? Then you will be successful!

  9. sarifah says:

    Hi Bear,

    I used to work for almost 2 – 3 hours a day but the PTC amount are so small. Hope that you can guide me to achive my target

  10. Jaco says:

    This is quite a new approach to what I am used to see regarding PTC sites. It looks very interesting and I look forward to the journey. I would like to see if I can make $300.00 per week with PTC.

    I am already a member on the sites you mention. Will that be a problem to you?

  11. Tame Bear says:

    Hi Jaco, I hope you find my story helpful. What I’ve found is that the most helpful thing I can do — and YOU can do — is to help others become successful. To do that, I COMMUNICATE with my referrals! I share my story in blog posts, and I use email to invite people to read my story.

    You don’t need to be in my “downline” to be receiving my emails.

    I will show you exactly how I do this, and all the components of my marketing system, so that you can do the same or something similar. Best of success to you!

  12. stevenw says:

    Glad to be here, I`m not too greedy , an extra 1000/2000/month
    would be nice…to start

  13. Tame Bear says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Steven W, who just stepped up to the plate and is swinging for the far wall. A great place to start…

  14. Gail McDonald says:

    Where I live live serious money is $5000 a month. I hope to eventially make that much so I could replace my income and also my husbands.

  15. Tame Bear says:

    Hi Gail, how many husbands do you want to replace?


    Welcome to the Amazing Tale! $5,000 per month would be $166 per day. To tell you the truth, at this point in time (mid-November 2013) I am not there yet. But I believe I will be, and I hope the same for you.

  16. estongtutong says:

    i just subscribed to your mailing list, thanks for that, for me, $50 every day is serious money.

  17. andjay says:

    Just subscribed. Thanks for resending me the activation email. :D

    I’d say around $1,000 per month. Since I make less than one third of it a month and can still happily live with it, I’d say that amount is quite serious money.

  18. Tame Bear says:

    That would be awesome to make three times what you are making now. It won’t happen over night, but it will happen, if you are persistent and work at it every day. There are so many ads that suggest we can Get Rich Quick, and I’ve tried enough of them myself to know it really doesn’t work that way, that it’s the slow-and-steady ones who stick with it and win big. Welcome AndJay.

  19. Shelayne says:

    Looking forward to all you have to share! Wishing you great success.


  20. Tame Bear says:

    Thanks Shelayne, and also same to you.

  21. aggrey says:

    Currently looking around your site to get the feel of it. I’ll say something like $300 a week will be reasonable, though as you know the sky is the limit.

  22. terwin8 says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am working to make $300 per week. How does this work Tame Bear? Will you send us emails for tips on being successful at ptc’s?

  23. Tame Bear says:

    Welcome Aggrey, and Terwin8 — You’ll be receiving my story via email, with updates nearly as they happen. I had a year of experience using and promoting ClixSense, but the others are new to me as they may be to you also. I’ll show you what I am doing to maximize income, manage expenses, attract direct referrals and employ rented referrals. You will see the mistakes I make along the way as well as the successes.

    And one more thing… the story is ongoing. I am currently writing about my promotion strategies for building deep downlines in these PTCs as well as in all the affiliate resources available for us to build traffic to our advertising.

  24. afiek says:

    now just i subscribe this one amazing website ,what i can do next step

  25. Tame Bear says:

    Hi Afiek, welcome to The Amazing Tale. Your next steps will come in email. Watch for it in your inbox.

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