These are the mutual traffic exchanges that Tame Bear likes best, and why. Click the links to join each one free, or click the last one to join the Tame Bear Team and get even more help using these TEs to bring more attention to your web site and earn more money.

Traffic Ad Bar

  • My long-time favorite, Traffic Ad Bar is a top performer in terms of credit earning power and actual conversions.
  • Increasing bonuses every 25 pages — earn an easy 1500 bonus points every day.
  • Unique Level Ladder viewer shows where you are and how many points you need to reach a new level.
  • Points translate to credits at a higher ratio for upper levels of the ladder – makes PAID membership very worthwhile.
  • Text ads invite more clicks.
  • Outstanding additional benefits for paid members!

Rainforest Clicks

  • Another favorite, because it’s just so beautiful! I love the art, I love the icons, I love the layout and simplicity.
  • Surf just 50 pages 5 times per week and earn an additional 50 credits.
  • Relatively new, so it’s easy to attract referrals and build “downline.”
  • Watch for the random green frog splash page for more bonus credits as you surf!


  • An excellent concept in traffic surfing – select among three “thumbnail” images for your next page.
  • Decent bonuses every 20-40 pages.
  • A “social networking” exchange with the friendliest chat conversation going.
  • Your pages featured in a member gallery.
  • Thumbvu Master game. One word: addicting!

Traffic At The Races

  • It’s a cute animated horse race every ten clicks, to see how many credits you win.
  • Free accounts win 5-10 credits in each race, upgraded accounts win 10-20!
  • Figure it out – that’s up to two credits earned per click.
  • Random bonuses of banner and text credits – watch for the bright yellow text.

Traffic Splash

  • Very quick load time.
  • Additional bonus credits every 15 pages.
  • Frequent specials with double or triple credit bonuses all day long!
  • Occasional cash bonuses!

New Way Surf

  • Plain and simple, no frills.
  • Earn pennies for clicks, trade pennies for additional credits any time.
  • Best anti-robot surf protection.
  • Increasing surf ratio for consecutive days of surfing!


  • See how many pages you need to pass the next guy on your tier.
  • Additional bonuses every 20, 50, and 100 pages.
  • Double or triple credit “speed surfs” for 3-to-7 minutes at a time.
  • Chat with other surfers while you click!

I Love Hits

  • Instant account activation and URL approval — begin surfing immediately.
  • “Bouts” to beat out other members — the most clicks win! Extra credits for bouts won.
  • Multiple “weight-classes” work your way up to earn better click ratios.
  • Really fast page loads!

Dragon Surf

  • Bonus credits every 20 pages.
  • No auto-assigned credits; advertise your web site at the best time of day, not just when you surf.
  • Active — adding hundreds of new members each week.
  • Cute dragon!

So those are the traffic exchanges that The Bear just loves because they bring thousands of new visitors to my web sites every month.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  … This last link I want to share with you is special. By joining the Tame Bear Team, you’ll get additional traffic from The Bear as you surf these TEs, plus additional help and advice about how to use them most effectively.

Join The Tame Bear Team

  • Join the Tame Bear Team and then sign up for one of the TEs above and Tame Bear will send even more traffic to your web site!
  • Get on the exclusive Tame Bear Team email list for inside tips and golden opportunities.
  • Direct links to more free eBooks from leaders in the Internet Marketing industry.
  • Learn branding, build your own email list, create deep downlines.
  • A rational, ethical, fair, and sensible approach to earning money on the internet!

9 Comments on Tame Bear Loves Traffic

  1. Anthony Kpodo says:

    Hi Tame Bear,

    Your selection of TE’s is very good. And what’s more is the explanatory notes added to each one of them. Kudos

    Thank you

    Anthony Kpodo

  2. Ramon says:

    I joined promolotto and they have a special offfer if you surf along with grandfather traffic and traffic wonderland or wonderland traffic. I already have grandfather traffic. Do you have wonderland… or be including it for tamebear… if you will send link..

  3. I just joined Traffic Ad Bar. :-)

  4. Tame Bear says:

    Linda, I hope you like Traffic Ad Bar as much as I do. That Level Ladder can be deceptively easy… at first! Actually Traffic Ad Bar was the first exchange that I ever upgraded in, when owner Darren Merrett offered a great deal on a full-year Platinum membership. (Those come around two or three times a year.) I could see that I was getting decent click-through rates with the free account, so I went for it.

    Was amazed how quickly I moved up the Level Ladder after that. My top site has been at Level 11 (only 32 on that level) but with the incentives lately, others are outpacing me. I have one referral though who is on Level 11 – that’s good for him… and good for me too! :)

  5. Lady Lynda says:

    I am most familiar through personal use with I Love Hits, Dragon Surf and Thumbvu. I find them very effective in promoting my site.
    If the Tame Bear recommends a TE that’s good enough for me. I trust the tame bear.

  6. Lisa Cerrone-Allsup says:

    Hi Tame just joined rainforest clicks
    Lisa aka go froggy

  7. Adam Brockie says:

    Hello Tamebear –

    I joined Rainforest Clicks :D


  8. hi tame bear, I just joined the tame bear team,via Traffic At the Races!

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