Here is a listing and some brief notes about each of the Paid-To-Click sites in my “portfolio” of PTCs (See What’s in YOUR Portfolio? from Day 84.)

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I have divided the list into three parts so you can see which ones I am happy to recommend and which ones are still in testing, and haven’t received any cashouts yet.

LAST UPDATED: June 23, 2017

My Core 4 — These need to be in YOUR Portfolio!

  1. LEADS LEAP – For years this has been a very good “lead generation system” and highly informative blog from author Kenneth Koh. Create text ads that are shown on widgets appearing on member’s sites across the global internet. Put the widget on your own web site to earn credits and cash. This is my best-converting advertising resource! Several months ago LeadsLeap morphed into a Paid-to-Click, through revenue sharing. Upgrade, click, earn, and advertise here.
  2. CLIXSENSE – This site stumbled recently from a hack attack, but is now back on track with improved security and the same advertisers that made it a big earner starting about a year ago. (See ClixSense Gone Wild.”) Hoo-lee-kow! This one’s a keeper. And still with one of the lowest upgrade costs — just $17 per year. Very profitable. Upgrade. And spread the word, ClixSense is on fire!
  3. NEOBUX – At first this was a challenging site to earn a profit in, mainly because the annual $90 upgrade is pretty hefty. But since the start of this year NeoBux has attracted the same advertisers that set ClixSense on fire. There are now almost too many ads to click, all paying 1/2¢ for 15sec page views. If you have downline, then upgrade. Easily make at least $1.00 per day.
  4. SCARLET-CLICKS – Oldie but goodie. I’m not sure why but not a lot of people were promoting this one when I first joined over two years ago. Since then I have over a hundred people in my downline and many are persistent clickers. So it’s a steady payer. Upgrade.


Tested and Recommended

  • JILL’S CLICK CORNER – Another oldie but goodie. It pays to upgrade because you will get random referrals in your downline. Various upgrade levels; the more you pay, the more referrals you will get. A decent earner.
  • LEGACYCLIX – A good team of owners whose main focus has been on building a network of high-traffic TEs. Their PTC is well-run, not a great earner but reliable payer. Upgrade once you have a few others in your downline.
  • BTC CLICKS – Yes, I am earning BitCoin! This is one of two BitCoin PTC sites I have used. In the other one I could spend $USD for advertising, and it was a great place to advertise. (And now that one’s gone.) I’d like to advertise at this one too but it only accepts BitCoin in payment for advertising, and I just don’t want to spend what I’ve earned yet. I will be adding more BitCoin PTCs to my portfolio in the future.
  • GOLDEN CLICKS – Same owner as Silver Clicks. Above average earnings, but they don’t do PayPal. Upgrade when you have downline.
  • SILVER CLICKS – Same owner as Golden Clicks. Also above average earnings, no PayPal. Upgrade once you have downline.
  • TWICKERS – Slow earning; only one cashout so far. Not upgraded.
  • GTP PLANET – Slow earning; only one cashout so far. Not upgraded.


Testing – No Cashout Requests Submitted Yet!

  • CLICKY CLIX – Best earner of the testing bunch. You need to send money in from a payment processor before you can get money out.
  • GRANDBUX – Next best earner in this testing category. Have not earned enough for a first cashout yet.
  • FAMILY CLIX – Just passed it’s two-year anniversary. Unique cash incentives to upgrade and grow your downlines.


And one more list for the record. These are PTCs I was either testing or recommending at various times over the previous three years. Now they are gone or not paying. The list is almost as long as my actual PTC portfolio, above.

OUT OUT OUT! – Gone or not paying.

  • CASH ‘N HITS – A good earner, sad to see it go. Got hacked and never came back.
  • CASHTREAM – Not a great earner. Never made a first cashout. Hacked/viruses; never recovered.
  • CLIXOR – Looked like a good earner, but never paid. Totally non-responsive support.
  • CLIXTEN – One of the slowest earners. I had not yet received my first cashout when owner confiscated all member earnings, purportedly as an effort to rid the site of scammers. Why should all members have to pay the penalty for a poorly-run PTC? Stay away!
  • HITS4PAY – Only a few ads each day, but every ad paid 2¢! High cashout threshold of $25. I have cashed out once and was approaching my second when the site abruptly announced closure.
  • HITZZA – Available ads dwindled to nothing, and the site was closed down by owner.
  • NAIDBUX – Gone. Domain name is still for sale.
  • NERDBUX – Remember this one? Wow. TimTech’s short-lived venture in Paid-To-Click. Crash and burn. In mid-2013 it looked very promising, and it’s what launched my own PTC blogging project. I still think it was simply mismanaged – they gave away too much and were hemorrhaging money. Unloaded it to Jeff Johnson who trashed it. (Watch out for that guy.)
  • OJOOO – This was a good one early on, and is still running. They claim they are still paying, but they won’t say when. With about $134 in unpaid earnings, I’m walking away from this one.
  • PANDA PROFITS – Sure hoped this one would fly, but it was insufficiently capitalized, an inexperienced ownership team, and it lasted only about 5 months. I was in brief negotiations to try and save it, but it was already dead. (See Buy a Paid-To-Click?)
  • PPC AD SOURCE – A good place to advertise, a reputable owner and a devoted membership… but in the end simply not enough ads to click for this site to remain viable. Closed by owner in May 2017.
  • PROBUX – One of my original Core 4. Paid well… until they stopped paying. Domain is still for sale.
  • THE-BUX – Not paying.
  • TRAFFIC MONSOON – Looked like it had all the right pieces and was going places. Owner paused payments while he worked on setting up debit cards for cashouts. Then in July the SEC began investigating, and a short time later the site was shuttered. Didn’t look like a ponzi (no M-L-M) but who knows, maybe it was.
  • WORDLINX – Not paying. Squirrely rules changes. Google virus alerts. Still in operation, but don’t go there.