IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read my comments at the end of this post regarding NerdBux, ProBux, Ojooo, WordLinx, and PandaProfits which are no longer included in my “PTC portfolio.” And be sure to read ALL the comments in upcoming episodes of my story, “The Amazing Tale of 4 PTCs.”

Hey hey, it’s DAY THREE and… you’ve got cash! Congratulations. You’ve joined the four Pay-To-Click sites I recommended three days ago, and now you’re making money. (If you haven’t joined yet, please re-read “From Small Change to Serious Money,” follow the links in that article and open your free PTC accounts now so you can follow along.)


Here is what my first week of The Amazing Tale looks like. Small change? You bet. Over the next several weeks we will be figuring out how to maximize income from these four PTC sites — ClixSense, NerdBux, NeoBux, and ProBux.

ClixSense, NerdBux, NeoBux, ProBux

Of these four, ClixSense is the grand daddy; it launched way back in early 2007, has over 3 million members and continues to add new members every day. I joined ClixSense just about two years ago, and have been tracking my progress every day since then. (I’ll tell you how in a moment.)

ClixSense has paid out over $5million dollars. Do the math and you see that’s about $1.67 on average per member. Of course nobody is “average.” Some members make less than that (and quit) and some members make more.

I sure hope you earn more than $1.67 in all these PTCs, and that you don’t quit, and that you learn everything you can from me and other helpful resources in order to maximize your earnings.

Day 7

NeoBux is the next oldest, and apparently the most popular. Born in 2008, it is now over 5 years old and has become the biggest worldwide PTC. Neobux’ Alexa global rank is 66 (compared to ClixSense at 357) and it welcomed over 9,000 new members yesterday, as it does nearly every day. Even if there is a lot of churn with new members arriving and existing members leaving, NeoBux has performed in a way that suggests it is able to continue growing. A privately held corporation, Neobux has chosen not to release it’s actual membership count.

ProBux and NerdBux are the new kids on the block.

Probux launched in August of 2012. It is surrounded with a bit of controversy, as it’s owners may have been involved with another Brazilian site called OnBux that no longer exists. Yes, PTCs can go down in flames. There is a delicate balance between clickers and available advertisers, and site growth needs to be managed expertly. We’ll see how ProBux fares over the coming months.

NerdBux is just two months old, and it’s the PTC that inspired me to create this side-by-side comparison with other PTCs. NerdBux is built and run by TimTech, a group of four Traffic Exchange owners who have a reputation for solid user-friendly products, reliable payments, and well-managed growth.


I was impressed with ClixSense. When I first joined I was logging in and clicking ads throughout the day as often as I could. I did it all on my phone! Wherever I was, whenever I had a few minutes of downtime, there was ClixSense with a few more ads. I’ve been using ClixSense for over a year and I think I have some insights that are worth sharing with others.

In order to do so, I devised this comparison approach to evaluate the performance of ClixSense against other PTCs. I picked four because you can click all the ads in these PTCs in about an hour. And perhaps earn four times as much as just one.

So that chart, above, is comparing the earnings from my early days in ClixSense with the three additional PTCs I joined more recently. These are my actual earnings. I believe you will benefit from my transparency so I’ll be sharing lots of details with you. All the charts you’ll see in the weeks ahead are real data that I’ve collected every day.

I will be attempting to replicate my success in ClixSense with these other three PTCs, and be able to quadruple my earnings. You’ll benefit from working all four at once, rather than earning with just one as I did in my first year with PTCs. YOUR HOMEWORK I want you to collect the same data as I did so you can keep track and make your own comparisons. And I’ll make it easy for you.

Download the TameBearPTCSpreadsheet (xls) and start charting your own earnings.


Total earned in my first week with these four Pay-To-Clicks is about $1.42. Take one more look at the first week chart. See the peculiar jump in ClixSense on Day 7? What do you suppose happened on that day? Think about it. Hey I’m sure you’re getting plenty of emails already. Most of them probably don’t involve this much reading. I’ll send you the next installment of The Amazing Tale in about a week, and then I’ll explain what the uptick is all about. In the meantime, click in your four PTCs every day and record your daily totals in the spreadsheet. Until next time… Bear Hunters! Best of success to you. :)

10 Comments on The Amazing Tale of 4 PTCs

  1. Joan foote says:

    Hi There.

    I have been keeping a notte of daily clicks and balances since the first of Oct and so will be able to transfer them over (I hope)

    I am used to keeping graphs in numbers but have had no experence with your type as yet. Not quite sure how to get to your one as yet.


    • Tame Bear says:

      Joan, I think you are talking about my spreadsheet. If you are on a Mac, try Control-Click on that TameBearPTCSpreadsheet link. On a Windows PC, try Right-Click. Then download the Excel spreadsheet to your computer and you can fill in your October numbers.

      If you are keeping graphs, that’s great. You can see things on a graph that you can’t see in just the numbers. For example, check to see if a graph line is curving upwards or starting to flatten out. The spreadsheet numbers are useful for doing a quick calculation like “average daily income from the four PTCs over the past 5 days.”

  2. Jaco says:

    Hi Tame Bear. Very helpful indeed. Thank you.

  3. Jaco says:

    Hi Tame Bear. One question I would like ask.

    As mentioned before, I already started working these sites.

    On your spread sheet where you record the account balances, should I record the total combined balance of main balance + rental/purchase balance, or only the main account balance? I am asking this because I already have rental referrals in Neobux and Probux. This means I could calculate and show a daily income, or with the combined balance, it will show daily growth. I don’t want to over complicate things, so what would your recommendation be?

  4. Tame Bear says:

    The spreadsheet is a starting point for you to track what’s most important to YOU. In my case, I record the main account balances, and use the spreadsheet to calculate daily earnings so that I can easily figure out my total earnings per day from all four PTCs. (I keep track of expenses in a different spreadsheet.)

    My spreadsheet gets more complicated once I begin taking cashouts (in a few weeks) because I want to continue tracking TOTAL earnings for each PTC.

    Track what makes the most sense to you. What are the most valuable metrics? Income, spending, earnings per day, total profit, net profit, etc.

  5. Tame Bear says:

    The guys at TimTech SOLD NerdBux on March 18, 2014.

    Please read the blog post I wrote about the events leading up to the sale: “The Rise and Fall of NerdBux.”

    As you’ll see in the coming weeks, NerdBux has been one of the “winners” in this Amazing Tale, earning A LOT of money for many folks including me, right up until the day of sale. Earnings dropped off quite a bit after that… but not to zero. I am still logging in every day and clicking all available ads, and earning money.

    No, I don’t think NerdBux is dead yet, but TRUST — which is an important facet of business — has been significantly eroded.

  6. Tame Bear says:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE — Over the coming weeks you will be reading a lot more about my experience with two PTCs that were part of my original “Core 4” group of top sites — NerdBux and ProBux. I have now removed both of these sites from my “PTC Portfolio” and I can no longer recommend them.

    NerdBux was a very promising PTC but was poorly managed and had to close its doors just seven months later. (NerdBux is now under new ownership, but the current owner has a bad reputation. Stay away!) I replaced NerdBux with German PTC Ojooo when NerdBux came tumbling down.

    In recent months, Ojooo has been very slow to pay. It is still a top earner and I am continuing to click all the ads there every day, but until they solve the slow payment problem I can no longer recommend Ojooo. I replaced Ojooo just a couple days ago with ScarletClicks, a reliable PTC with a good owner. ScarletClicks has been in operation for over nine years.

    ProBux was recently demoted because it is no longer paying, and it’s possible that it was a scam from the very beginning. I advise you to NOT bother with ProBux, even though it is still being promoted by others. I made money with ProBux, and you’ll be able to read my story in upcoming episodes of “The Amazing Tale.” I have replaced ProBux in my “Core 4” with WordLinx, a simple text ad PTC that’s been operating successfully since 2004.

    Be sure to read ALL the comments on upcoming segments of my PTC earnings story; it’s the best way for me to keep you up-to-date on which PTCs are good earners, which ones are not, and which ones have gone bad. In my story you’ll be able to glean good strategies even from the bad PTCs, like NerdBux, and ProBux. I hope you are able to learn from my experience and make better judgements yourself as you build your own successful “portfolio” of top PTCs.

  7. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: As of the past several weeks, WordLinx is not paying, and I have removed it from my Core 4. Every time I try to cashout, I get this message:

    Cashout limit reached. Please try again later.

    I will spend my earnings there (about $15) on advertising, and stop clicking at WordLinx. I recommend you come to your own conclusions, based on your experience. But in my view WordLinx is an underperform. I won’t remove it from my portfolio just yet, but I won’t be using it unless I see some indication the situation has improved.

  8. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: I elevated PandaProfits to my “Core 4” in January 2016, after testing the site for a couple months and receiving prompt cashouts. This was a very promising PTC, run by a team of internet marketers who I have known for several years and have great respect for. Unfortunately within just a few months of launch they were out of money and could not continue. You will read about the sad demise of PandaProfits (and my brief effort to negotiate for its purchase and become the new owner) in future episodes as this story continues.

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