It’s Day 146 of The Amazing Tale,” and over the past week or so earnings have declined dramatically. Here at Tame Bear Central we’ve entered a New Year, and many businesses (including mine) have cut advertising spending. Happy New Year, everybody!

(For many of you reading this, the beginning of 2014 is already history; but the patterns of advertiser spending tend to repeat year after year, so this report still contains wisdom for you today.)


Don’t worry, this latest downturn fits the curve. (We’ll explore the online advertising curve in greater depth next time.) 

What happened is this: as we approached the end of the year, businesses that had any marketing money left to spend have now spent it. (They can write it off as an expense on their 2013 income taxes.) It will be another 2-4 months before we see the beginning of a return to those levels of advertiser spending (and PTC earnings), but we can expect they will be reached and surpassed in 2014. Don’t worry, it will happen.

Once you’ve been in the PTCs for a while, you begin to see there is an ebb and flow to earnings. We are now in a lean period, when there are fewer people and businesses spending on advertising, so there are fewer ads to click on, and reduced earnings. This is discouraging to many people who do not have the experience yet to know that “this too shall pass.”

If you stick it out, you will be here when the tide turns, when there will be almost more ads than you can click on, your earnings will be looking great, everybody is joining, your downlines are growing, and the world is beautiful again.

Get used to it — the ebb and flow is part of the business.

For 2014, ad spending will be down, then it will plateau, and then it will skyrocket.

That’s what the curve tells us. So with all the ebbs and flows, what do we do? We all just do our daily clicks as we’ve been doing, remain steady, and look forward to the next big swell that’s coming. With ongoing spending, and reduced income, here’s what The Bear’s stats look like today:

Day 146
Day 146
Day 146
Days To Profit
at $6.22 / day
47 days


In the last episode of The Amazing Tale I talked about The Three-Legged Stool. It’s how you build a solid platform for bringing lots of traffic to your online advertising.

  • First Leg: The Pay-To-Click advertising and traffic market.
  • Second Leg: The mutual Traffic Exchanges.

And the Third Leg is…


SafeLists are a third source of traffic for your advertising and potentially the most powerful. Like TEs and PTCs, SafeLists (SLs) are generally free to join but are more effective once you have upgraded.

SafeLists are a way to send email to other SafeList members, inviting them to join your programs (your list, and your portfolio of PTCs).

You earn email credits in the SafeLists by reading other member’s emails (and clicking the credit links and viewing member ad pages.)

For every email you open, you can send 100-1,000 emails or more to other members. That’s powerful advertising!


When you begin to use SafeLists, the most important thing is to realize you will begin receiving lots and lots of email! So it’s best not to use an existing personal or business email address for this flood of emails you will receive. Instead, create TWO Gmail addresses just for the SafeLists. One will be your CONTACT email address, and one will be your LIST email address. Both will get lots of email, but most of the emails will come to your LIST address. Use Gmail — it’s practically made for this!

Go create your two Gmail accounts now, and be clear in your mind which is your CONTACT email and which is your LIST email.

Then continue on with this teaching, because you are about to join two of the very best SafeLists in all of online advertising.


Once your two Gmail accounts are set up, use your CONTACT address and sign up with Bweeble and Viral List Builder Plus. I’ve chosen these two because they will bring a lot of new traffic to your ad pages, and because you can also earn money every day by opening member emails and viewing member ad pages, while you earn credits to send your own advertising emails.

Earn cash while building your brand and your list.
Earn cash while building traffic, building your brand, and building your list.

Viral List Builder Plus
Cash and Reward Points for Opening Emails
Cash and Reward Points for opening emails.


SafeLists are like Traffic Exchanges in this way: Once you’ve seen how effective they are at bringing more traffic to your ad pages, you want to join more of them. And naturally there is a Downline Builder for Safelists — it’s called The 10K Challenge.

You will not believe how many SafeLists there are in this downline builder! Use The 10K Challenge to join the top SafeLists and build your downlines in all of them.

5-Minute Training Videos, plus HUGE Downline Builder
5-Minute Training Videos, plus HUGE Downline Builder.


Your solid foundation for bringing TONS of traffic to your online advertising is a three-legged stool built with Traffic Exchanges, SafeLists, and Paid-To-Clicks. Each of these traffic resources has a best-of-class Downline Builder.

The only Downline Builder you will ever need for getting lots of Direct Referrals in the Traffic Exchanges is:

Best training, social marketing, and downline building


The only Downline Builder you will ever need for getting lots of Direct Referrals in SafeLists is:

The 10K Challenge
5-Minute Training Videos, plus HUGE Downline Builder


And the only Downline Builder you will ever need for getting lots of Direct Referrals in Paid-To-Clicks is…

PTC Professor
5-Minute Training Videos, plus HUGE Downline Builder

PTC PROFESSOR is the best-of-class Downline Builder for PTCs, built and run by successful internet entrepreneur Eric Goettman. Get Direct Referrals in all your PTCs by promoting this one program.



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