Just a quick update on “Amazing Tale” and then I want to shift gears a bit and talk about traffic resources and advertising.


Our Pay-To-Click portfolio here on Day 141 has earned back well over half of the total investment made to date.

Cashouts Cashouts Cashouts

Cashouts Cashouts Cashouts


ClixSense has now earned back all expenses and is in the black. Remember the ClixSense $17 annual upgrade on Day 7? (See The Upgrade Path.”) At the time I estimated six months to recover that upgrade cost and be in profit. With just a few referrals in ClixSense, I attained profitability in four months instead of six. From here on, ClixSense is generating net profit.

StoryBux is up for sale once again, and after several failed attempts to obtain a cashout there, I’ve put all remaining earnings (about $6) into advertising and am quitting it for good.

Sometimes you just need to call a loser a loser and get out.

My net loss in StoryBux is $42. I expect net profit in the other PTCs will recover that loss eventually. StoryBux will no longer be included in our charts.

Half of all earnings came in just the last 40 days!

Half of all earnings came in just the last 40 days!

Here’s something amazing. On the Total Earnings chart above, I have marked the halfway point in earnings. But it’s not the halfway point in our journey. You can see that half of all PTC earnings came in just the past 40 days!


Effective advertising requires a steady flow of traffic. Lots of traffic! Where does this traffic come from? You can think of it as a three-legged stool where all three legs add their support to a solid platform for online income.

The first of those three legs you know already — it’s the Pay-To-Click sector, where home-based business owners can view ads, build teams, and earn cashouts.

It should be obvious by now that Pay-To-Clicks are also a good place to advertise. So we’re putting a portion of our earnings into paid PTC advertising, which also helps grow our Tame Bear Team list and blog. PTC advertising is a great way to get referrals, build a list, and bring more traffic to your blog. (We’ll focus on email list building and blogging later this month.)

So Pay-To-Click sites are one great source of traffic that is eager to see your advertising! Don’t be shy, put it out there. Advertise and build your team.


The second leg of our three-legged stool is mutual Traffic Exchanges (TEs). These are sites you can use for free but are generally more effective when you upgrade. You click to view other members’ ad pages and earn credits so your own advertising can be shown to all members.  One of the largest and most highly regarded TEs is EasyHits4U. If you join only one TE, EasyHits4U is the one, because it’s membership is huge and your advertising will reach the largest audience possible.

Free traffic to your PTC advertising pages
Click to join the biggest and best Traffic Exchange today.

Create a free EasyHits4U account and view ads there to earn credits. Then use your credits to present your own PTC advertising to that huge audience. Upgrading in TEs gets you a “click ratio” of 1:1 or better. EasyHits4U will also pay you 30¢ for every 1,000 clicks and offers a low $3 cashout. If you refer others to EasyHits4U, you also earn a percentage of their clicks and upgrades, which helps boost your own advertising reach. Of all the TEs, EasyHits4U can actually be a good money earner too.


To get even more advertising traffic, you can join more TEs. Some online entrepreneurs really focus on the Traffic Exchanges and end up joining a lot of them. If that’s you, then before you get too far with it be sure you join Click-Track-Profit, the big daddy of “Traffic Exchange downline builders.” (Click-Track-Profit is owned by the same group that owns and operates NerdBux.)

Best training, social marketing, and downline building
Click to join the best site for training, social marketing, and downline building.

A downline builder is a single marketing “funnel” site that you can promote heavily, and all your referrals to this one site will also be joining every TE that you’re in, so you have a steady flow of new referrals into all your TEs. All from promoting this one downline builder — Click-Track-Profit.

The main purpose of Click-Track-Profit is to provide the very best training in how to use TEs effectively. Every serious marketer needs to get some proper training, right? Including you.

So join Click-Track-Profit, watch the short entertaining videos, earn “Certified” and “Expert” status, and you will be well on your way to mastering the TEs. Along the way Click-Track-Profit will become your “social hub” for connecting with tons of other marketers online. Click-Track-Profit is a lively, active, learning and earning community. These are people you want to know. Participate in chat while you surf the TEs, make friends, ask questions, help others. That’s how you go about building deep downlines in all the TEs you join.

Click-Track-Profit has become a really powerful “marketing/social hub” for my own business, a place where others are able to get to know me personally. Once you join, look me up and post a comment on my CTP Profile Page, and I’ll give you some juicy insider tips to boost your marketing there.

A key to long-term success in online marketing is being someone that people know and trust. Click-Track-Profit is a great place to be building a trustworthy brand identity with lots of other people. And some of them will end up in your Traffic Exchange downlines and become valuable members of your team.


So Pay-To-Clicks and Traffic Exchanges are two legs of our advertising traffic arsenal — our three-legged stool. And the third leg is… What do you suppose the third leg is? What is another great source of advertising traffic? I’ll save that for my next update. :)



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