For those of you, dear readers, who have missed a few posts and are playing catch-up, here is an updated Table of Contents for “The Amazing Tale of 4 PTCs,” along with all the links where you can sign up at each of the Pay-To-Click sites and be earning a steadily growing income.

New! Beginning today we’re adding four more PTCs to our portfolio:


This is Day 130, and what an adventure we’ve been having. Wow!

Day 130
Day 130
Day 130
Days To Profit
at $8.64 per day
66 days

Current earnings are $8.64 per day. If I continue to earn at that rate, it will take a little over two months to reach break-even. Break-even is the point where I have earned back as much money as I have invested. Of course I will continue to invest as well as earn money, so break-even will likely be pushed farther out in the future. I’m not worried about that.

So far you can see I have earned back over half my investment. In just 130 days!


Today I’m bringing four more PTCs into the portfolio. I have been testing these sites for just a little over a month. So far they have nearly all outperformed both Scarlet Clicks and WordLinx (the two other PTCs where I am not yet upgraded.) These four new sites have already contributed $12.63 in earnings.

GoldenClix - Experienced Admins

GoldenClix – Another using the familiar NerdBux script, GoldenBux has been around for about 10 months and has over 150,000 members.

Clixzor - CZ it!

Clixzor – More ads than you can click on! This is a custom site that pays well even for un-upgraded members.

TheBux - A World of Trust

TheBux – Working hard to build trust. This is the only PTC I’ve found so far that is using a secure encrypted connection (https) for log-ins.

NaidBux - Get Paid To Click

NaidBux – Get paid to view ads. This one had a huge launch just a few months ago and got massive signups. I was not in that first wave but so far NaidBux looks like a good place to be.


Today’s chart features just the six sites where I have not yet purchased any membership upgrade. In keeping with my plan to slow spending, I will not be upgrading in any of these until I have reached break-even. But I will be clicking with them every day and they will continue to add to overall earnings.

These PTCs that are earning daily even though I am not upgraded.


You can see which one is outperforming all the others — it’s Clixor. But there’s one problem. You can cash out your earnings to Solid Trust Pay, Ego Pay or Perfect Money but Clixor does not yet use PayPal. I’ll need to open accounts at one of these other payment processors if I am ever going to get a payout.


If you are paying attention, this is an opportunity to have The Bear in your downline. If you are already a member of Solid Trust Pay, Ego Pay, or Perfect Money, then email me your referral link and I will join under you. This is for action-takers, and will cost you just a minute of your time, so do it now. If you are in more than one of these, tell me which one you like best and why. Thanks!

3 Comments on The Un-Upgraded

  1. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: I joined Solid Trust Pay and submitted a cashout request at CLIXOR… That was over a month ago now and they still have not paid, my request is still “pending” and they have not responded to a single support request about it. So I have stopped using Clixor and I advise you to put your time and effort elsewhere.

  2. Tame Bear says:

    The guys at TimTech SOLD NerdBux on March 18, 2014.

    Please read the blog post I wrote about the events leading up to the sale: “The Rise and Fall of NerdBux.”

    As you’ve seen in previous episodes, NerdBux has been one of the “winners” in this “Amazing Tale,” earning A LOT of money for many folks including me, right up until the day of sale. Earnings have dropped off quite a bit after that… but not to zero. I am still logging in every day and clicking all available ads, and earning money.

    No, I don’t think NerdBux is dead yet, but TRUST — which is an important facet of business — has been significantly eroded.

  3. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: As of the past several weeks, WordLinx is not paying, and I have removed it from my Core 4. Every time I try to cashout, I get this message:

    Cashout limit reached. Please try again later.

    I will spend my earnings there (about $15) on advertising, and stop clicking at WordLinx. I recommend you come to your own conclusions, based on your experience. But in my view WordLinx is an underperform. I won’t remove it from my portfolio just yet, but I won’t be using it unless I see some indication the situation has improved.

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