We will be returning to discussion of “The Perfect Campaign” in a few days but today I want to alert you to a change-up in our PTC advertising.

There’s a lot to like about Ojooo.com, a Germany-based international Paid-To-Click site with over 3 million members and always lots of ads to click. We added Ojooo to our PTC portfolio back on DAY 84. NerdBux is OUTUpgraded members get double the earnings and even more ads to click, and triple the earnings for Premium+ members; $10 commissions for every referral upgrade; and free automatic recycling of underperforming referrals. 

Following the “Rise and Fall of NerdBux,” and my personal experience with the new owner, Jeffrey Johnson, I am abandoning his PTC. Johnson is a mean-spirited person and I advise you to mark his name and steer clear of anything he touches on the internet.

I am today removing NerdBux from my PTC portfolio and moving Ojooo to the #1 spot among my core four PTCs. Ojooo became my second net profit PTC in the portfolio just about the time NerdBux was doing its crash and burn.

Yes, Ojooo and ClixSense have both earned back everything I’ve spent on upgrades and are earning money for my business every day.

If you are not yet using Ojooo, I encourage you to add it to your portfolio, set a new bookmark for it and click every day. I think you’ll be real pleased with how quickly you can earn there, especially if you reinvest earnings to rent referrals.


The real sweet spot in Ojooo is those $10 upgrade commissions. Any direct referral that upgrades will earn you $10. Any direct referral that upgrades to Premium+ will earn you a $10 commission every month!

So get signed up today and start clicking at one of the best PTCs available today.

Day 235
Day 235
Day 235
Days To Profit
at $3.25 / day
229 days

This is DAY 235 of “The Amazing Tale” and it marks the last time I mention NerdBux, though past earnings and expenses at NerdBux will continue to be included in my charts and graphs — like the Cashouts chart shown here.

Paid-To-Click Cashouts - Day 235

We’re adding one more PTC to the portfolio today, and it has already entered positive earnings territory with a first cashout, even though I am not yet upgraded.


The new addition is Jill’s Click Corner, a custom Paid-To-Click that has been in operation for over 5 years and is known as a site with a reputable owner that always pays. I have found Jills admin to be responsive and helpful with support requests. It’s not a high-earner like ProBux or Ojooo, because most ads pay only a fraction of a penny. But Jills is a good one to have in your portfolio and to be building a referral base in because it’s long track record suggests it will be around for a long time to come.

Jills Click Corner - banner

Jill’s Click Corner – I invite you to join and click with me.

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