It’s Day 30 in The Amazing Tale of 4 PTCs so let’s take some time to review where we’ve been and see what’s ahead.

Day 30

Just in case you missed some parts of the story, here’s a handy Table of Contents:

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. The First Week
  3. Upgrades and Rentals
  4. Is It Profitable?
  5. Games of Chance
  6. Doubling Down
  7. Surprise at NeoBux

ClixSense doesn’t rent referrals (at least not yet) and so it serves as the steady baseline to compare with NerdBux, NeoBux, and ProBux, all of which do rent referrals. On your own, it should be obvious by now you won’t make much money if you are only clicking ads.

Earning comes from referrals.

Direct referrals will earn for you with no additional cost but will take time to accumulate. If you are willing to shell out some cash up front — as I have — you can rent more referrals and jump-start your earnings.

Below is my earnings chart at the end of 30 days. Notice how income increased when I rented referrals at NerdBux, and later in the month at NeoBux. By Day 30, earnings from NeoBux had caught up with NerdBux, and will quickly move into first place over the next several days. NeoBux is a great place to be, with as many referrals as you can get to maximize your earnings from all those other enthusiastic NeoBux members who are also earning from their referrals.

First 30 Days in Pay-To-Click: $25 Earned

Here is a chart of combined earnings over the first 30 days. Things started out slow but picked up day by day.

Pay-To-Click Total Earnings - 30 Days


A bar chart helps to compare how each Pay-To-Click site has contributed to earnings over the first 30 days.

NerdBux and NeoBux are the big winners. (Click the chart to see actual earnings numbers.)

30 Day Pay-To-Click Earnings Comparison

Average earnings over just the past 5 days is now $2.41 per day and so we can now project that by Day 60 we will have earned $25.34 + ($2.41 * 30) = $97.64

Not bad at all for a little online business that’s still just getting started! And I think there are some things we can do in the next 30 days to improve that number.

Looking ahead, I anticipate more renting of referrals and possibly upgrading at ProBux, as I have done at NerdBux and NeoBux. I have recently tried renting additional referrals at NeoBux, but so far they simply have not been available. I’ll get more — and increase my daily income — whenever the opportunity arises.

Hittza does not offer referral rentals, so we can anticipate that earnings there will continue to be a very gradual slope and rely on my getting direct referrals over time to increase earnings there. In the meantime my main interest in Hittza is to advertise to that audience and build my list.


You might say the only serious money in our story so far is what I have been spending on upgrades, rentals, and advertising. Here is my cost breakdown and the net economic picture.

  • $17 ClixSense upgrade.
  • $100 NerdBux fund account for rentals and annual upgrade.
  • $8 Advertising at Hittza.
  • $20 NerdBux more rentals.
  • $30 NeoBux fund account for rentals.
  • $90 NeoBux annual upgrade.

Total spending: $265
Net expenditure: $239.66

At current earnings of $2.41 per day, it will take about 100 days to get to profitability. So far I have not withdrawn any money from any of these programs.

I’m happy with the earnings picture, and expect in the days to come it will continue to improve nicely. What do you think? Is this the way you would play the Pay-To-Clicks?

Or do you think I’m crazy?


5 Comments on Twenty Five Dollars in Thirty Days

  1. I think you are doing a great job showing the “real” facts for creating income with pay to clicks. It takes money to invest with your eyes on the long term earning potential. Is it enough?
    That is for each individual to decide.

  2. Tame Bear says:

    After the slow steady in ClixSense, I decided to jump into these others with both feet, or all four paws as the case may be. This approach is not for everybody, but I think it’s helpful for others to see exactly what I am doing, and then build their own game plan.

    I’ll be talking about my investing strategies in the next blog post… and how it relates to my approach to these Pay-To-Click programs.

  3. Ray Wizard says:

    I following one of your recommendations on wool socks many years ago.
    This series of articles is a must read for anyone using or considering using PTC’s. It is informative and enlightening and well documented. I have used these programs for many years on and off. I just began getting back to them when Nerdbux launched. I took the lifetime upgrade in Nerdbux and rented 250 referrals when they had the 10 cent special.
    Looking forward to more of your insights.
    Have an awesome day.

  4. Tame Bear says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Mr. Wizard. And I’m glad the wool socks are working out for you. :)

    I hope you will chime in from time to time with details of your own experience in PTCs, as this story continues to unfold in future episodes. Thanks for being here.

  5. Tame Bear says:

    The guys at TimTech SOLD NerdBux on March 18, 2014.

    Please read the blog post I wrote about the events leading up to the sale: “The Rise and Fall of NerdBux.”

    Earnings dropped off quite a bit after the sale… but not to zero. I am still logging in every day and clicking all available ads, and earning money.

    No, I don’t think NerdBux is dead yet, but TRUST — which is an important facet of business — has been significantly eroded.

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