UPDATE: Well well — Two months after the JustBeenPaid program was sold to new investors, it is being reborn under the name “ProfitClicking.” All member earnings in the previous “JustBeenPaid” program have been preserved and for several weeks now “ProfitClicking” has been reliably paying out earnings of up to 2% per day, every day. I am now beginning to recommend and promote this program again, under it’s new management. Over a million members already in ProfitClicking are enjoying a newly redesigned web site Dashboard and Traffic Exchange. Read more about in my latest blog post: “What Is ProfitClicking?

Something good happening every day - Build your business on ProfitClicking.

UPDATE: After attracting more than a million members and suffering some technical challenges in recent weeks implementing a more robust server strategy to keep everyone’s accounts up-to-date, we learned on or about August 20 2012 that JustBeenPaid has been sold to a private international holding company (undisclosed owners) and Fredrick Mann has reportedly “retired from the business” to pursue other ventures. In light of these recent developments, The Bear is suspending promotion of JustBeenPaid and advising a wait-and-see position until we have more certainty that the program is still functioning.

Just Been Paid” is an indefinitely sustainable investment program run by wealthy investor Fredrick Mann, which began in January 2010. The program is reportedly about 52,000 members strong, and new members are joining in increasing numbers (currently about 500 per day), spurred on by positive reports from other members already invested in the program. “Just Been Paid” is a “pay-as-you-go” system similar to U.S. Social Security, in which money coming into the system — from new members who have just joined — is professionally invested in a variety of securities over time, and the proceeds are used to pay all existing members, currently at a flat rate of 2% per day.

“Pay It Forward”

Purchasing an initial investment position in “Just Been Paid” (JBP) originally cost $10, and with the 2% daily rate of repayment would grow 150% over sixty days and be worth $15 on payout. Based on the success of the program over the previous year and a half, beginning in January 2012 the program initiated a Pay It Forward plan that allows members to join for free. Members sign up and receive the initial $10 seed money to purchase their first position, which grows to $15 — and this money is used to upgrade to full paid member status.

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5 Different Plans

Just Been Paid” is actually the entry point to five separate but related plans for increasing wealth. While members can earn additional income by inviting others, there is no recruiting requirement in order to earn from your investments. We’re now seeing some members advertising these five investment plans as if they were distinctly different programs, but in fact they are all accessed through the original “Just Been Paid” membership. Here’s an overview:

The 5 Investment Programs within JustBeenPaid

“Get Rich Slowly”

Obviously you will not become rich overnight by starting with a $10 position and turning it into $15 every 60 days. Accumulation happens gradually but builds over time. $40 becomes $60, $1000 becomes $1500, and by then you have a steady flow of income into your JSS account. Withdraw some periodically and keep investing the rest, and like any investment, your wealth builds over time.

Sign up for free — receive your $10 “Pay It Forward” advance and watch your money begin to grow… slowly at first, but more rapidly over time.

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