PLEASE READ ALL COMMENTS AT THE END OF THIS POST: Ojooo was once one of the great PTCs, but for some time there have been reports that it is no longer paying. I have had a requested cashout pending for several months that I have not yet received. It is still one of the leaders in earnings, and my strategy has been to put my earnings into advertising instead of cashouts. If you are already in Ojooo, consider this strategy. For new followers, I no longer recommend joining Ojooo, and if it continues to delay payments for months, then it cannot last.

There’s a lot to like about, a Germany-based international Paid-To-Click site with over 3 million members and always lots of ads to click.

NerdBux is OUTWe actually added Ojooo to our PTC portfolio on DAY 84 of “The Amazing Tale,” but moved it to the #1 spot among our core four PTCs after NerdBux was SOLD and dismantled by the new owner.

In the coming weeks you’ll read a lot about NerdBux as this story unfolds, because for a time it was the top performer in our “PTC portfolio.” However we advise you to NOT join NerdBux because the new owner has yet to prove himself genuinely interested in making it profitable for anyone.

NerdBux began in late June 2013, and in it’s short life it attracted over 330,000 members and was the fastest growing and highest paying PTC on the internet. The lessons learned there — about managing rented referrals, calculating profitability, and reinvesting earnings to grow daily income — remain valuable takeaways.

We are really excited about Ojooo  — it has become the most profitable PTC in terms of bankable income. Here are just a few of the reasons why.


With Ojooo, upgraded members get double the earnings and even more ads to click, and triple the earnings for Premium+ members; $10 commissions for every referral upgrade; and free automatic recycling of underperforming referrals. 

Ojooo became my second net profit PTC in the portfolio just about the time NerdBux was doing its crash and burn. Ojooo and ClixSense have both earned back everything I’ve spent on upgrades and are making money for my business every day.

If you are not yet using Ojooo, I encourage you to add it to your portfolio, set a new bookmark for it and click every day. I think you’ll be real pleased with how quickly you can earn there, especially if you reinvest earnings to begin renting referrals.

But the real sweet spot in Ojooo is those $10 upgrade commissions. Any direct referral that upgrades will earn you $10. Any direct referral that upgrades to Premium+ will earn you a $10 commission every month!

So get signed up today and start clicking at one of the best PTCs available today.

8 Comments on Why Ojooo is Number One

  1. Interesting take on Ojooo. I played with it for a few days and drawing the shapes drove me nuts, lol.
    Will give it a second look now.

  2. Tame Bear says:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE — In recent months, Ojooo has been very slow to pay. It is still a top earner and I am continuing to click all the ads there every day, but until they solve the slow payment problem I can no longer recommend Ojooo. I replaced Ojooo just a couple days ago with ScarletClicks, a reliable PTC with a good owner. ScarletClicks has been in operation for over nine years.

    Be sure to read ALL the comments on upcoming segments of my PTC earnings story; it’s the best way for me to keep you up-to-date on which PTCs are good earners, which ones are not, and which ones have gone bad. In my story you’ll be able to glean good strategies even from the bad PTCs (like NerdBux, and ProBux.) I hope you are able to learn from my experience and make better judgements as you build your own successful “portfolio” of top PTCs.

  3. Michael says:

    Why promote Ojooo while they can’t even pay my $6.47 for 6 months?

  4. Tame Bear says:

    Michael, a lot of people are reporting that Ojooo is slow to pay; I’ve been noticing it too. The reason I am still clicking there every day is because when I accumulate enough earnings for a 1-day fixed ad ($75) I find that my advertising works well there, with a conversion rate that is above average.

    Using earnings to buy advertising is one way to deal with slow-to-pay PTCs.

  5. M.L.Bherota says:

    Thanks for your detailed information.

  6. Patricia says:

    Ojooo Wad is a complete SCAM. After a few months of hard work using this PTC (Premium Account), I decided to do a little experiment before to get a PREMIUM+ account ($39/month) because of all those bad comments on the internet. I just wanted to make sure the site paid regularly. At the beginning everything OK, I got paid twice without any problems (3 labour days tops), then I disabled the AUTOPAY feature (Daily Fee) to all my rented referrals (350 Refs) and I started to collect all the earnings made by my rented referrals for several days. Once this is done, I requested a third cashout ($20.50) and —> SURPRISE! I haven’t received the payment yet after a month.

    The bottom line is that you only get paid by Ojooo Wad if they can get a daily profit from you. If the Ojooo Wad payout system detects you have stopped doing clicks or you have disabled the AUTOPAY feature (Which is a daily income for them), they stopped processing your cashouts and start to pay selectively a bunch of members.

    Meanwhile, I have been waiting for my payment or any response for weeks and I have the rest of my money kidnapped as they don’t allow to perform another cashout request until the one in process be paid.

    Finally, I’m grateful that I don’t upgraded to a higher membership and I was able to figured all this out before keep wasting my time and money on this crappy PTC.

    PS: I just hope that someday the money I earned (Almost $60) surprisingly appears on my paypal account balance. O_o

    Don’t waste your time and money on Ojooo Wad PTC Site —> It’s a SCAM.

    There are BETTER and SERIOUS options out there.


  7. Tame Bear says:

    I am “on again, off again” with Ojooo. I earn enough to keep renewing my Premium membership plus earning money for advertising there. This is a really good strategy for any PTC that fails to pay but continues to operate — use your earnings to buy more advertising on the site. I have a cashout request that has gone unpaid for over a year. I only click the Premium ads, so I get the most for my clicks and spend very little time there.

    What is a PTC with 3 million users? It’s more like a Traffic Exchange, using dollars like “credits.” You earn your credits and you spend them on advertising. As long as existing members (like me) continue to click, then you can get your advertising in front of people and keep building your brand and your business, even if they never pay a cashout.

    At first it was surprising to me that Ojooo didn’t just up and disappear when they were not able to pay timely cashouts — that’s what the true “scam” PTCs do. (i.e.: ProBux.) But Ojooo has other parts to their business: a search engine, an email service, phone service. The PTC may have been an “experiment” and it’s just limping along now but hasn’t been killed.

    Not paying cashout requests is a breach of agreement, which means members no longer have any incentive to bring Ojooo more referrals, or even continue using the service. But as long as they have a good number of members (like me) that are clicking there, why not spend your earnings on advertising and get something for your money?

  8. Albert says:

    Nice. Great site. Thanks for introduce it to me. I can finally earn something. Big thanks to you

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