A cat is a way to make regular trips to a pet store.

Fear is the ability to entertain possibilities that have not happened and are not real.

What’s the problem unless you think about it? #nonduality

What problem do you have unless you’re thinking about it? An essential idea of #nonduality – thought entertains ideas that do not exist.

Nothing occurs but represents your wish. Nothing is omitted that you #choose. Here is your world, complete in every detail – your #reality.

What you think of me is none of my business. What others think of you is their thing, not yours. Worry not about what anyone else thinks.

An addiction is a habit that you’ve decided is bad, either in yourself or in others. It is simply a habit, a repeating wave of behavior.

A habit is a repeating wave of behavior. You will never stop the wave, but you can disrupt or alter the behavior by creating other waves.

Alter a repeating wave of behavior by creating other waves that interfere with it. A habit is only erased by replacing it with other habits.

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