I am hungry. I could eat something but that’s not gonna satisfy this hunger. It’s a hunger to know truth, and food is a distraction.

Don’t worry, I’m eating ok. : )

This hunger in my stomach, I am coming to realize, is actually a hunger in my head. That’s the hunger I really need to feed. The hunger in my head wants a taste of the truth, you know what I mean? The tastiest ideas have some genuine truth to them; real food for the mind that satisfies this hunger for truth.


Truth — however we come by it, is something that we can build on, something that adds to our wisdom, that we can build a new vision on. The truth that can satisfy our head hunger won’t demolish the existing framework of understanding (though it may feel that way.) No — useful helpful truth is found in those ideas that shed light on the existing framework, help us see it better. See it for what it is. The existing framework is our body of wisdom. The tastiest ideas, the ones with real wholesome truth, will illuminate that body of wisdom.

We don’t want to demolish this body of wisdom, we want to illuminate it, give it the light it needs to grow.

We may feel a need to control and shape this body of wisdom, but mostly all we need to do is give what it needs to grow and be healthy. Feed it. So we need to feed the mind, feed this hunger, to grow our wisdom with ideas full of delicious truth.

You may think you know where I’m going with this. You may say “I’ve found the truth” and maybe you have. Maybe you have, this morning or yesterday. Whatever truth that fed our mind yesterday, that grew our body of wisdom yesterday, is done. The light has been released, the truth gleaned. Today, in this post-Christian age, all of yesterday’s ideas have been consumed and we are all wiser for it.

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