Tracker & Autoresponder - CTP Teams Season 3

Are CTP Games Helping Your Business?

Many of you reading this post are likely already familiar with Click-Track-Profit (CTP) and the "CTP Teams" tournaments happening there. Have the CTP games been helpful to you in building your business? ...
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Virtual Worlds – Ready Player One

If you enjoyed the book "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline, join our conversation -- add your comments below. FB DATELINE 160820 My friend Mark Yoder put me onto this excellent novel, ...
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The Deep Mystery of NOW

This very instant, which we call NOW, is undoubtedly one of the deepest mysteries of life -- how one NOW becomes a Then, and some possible Tomorrow emerges to become ...
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Amtrak Scenic View - the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque NM

WiFi on the Train – Amtrak Perk Alert

I've been traveling a lot more this past year, and the Amtrak is my preferred mode of travel. Especially now with WiFi on the train! Treesh and I are in ...
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Goodbye CashNHits

CashNHits Here and Gone

Boom! Gone. That's the fastest, loudest, most unfortunate PTC death I've seen since I started in this business over two years ago. CashNHits was here yesterday and today it's gone. And ...
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Where to Advertise

I'm writing to my PTC team today to let everyone know what's working well for me, and I won't just talk in generalities. I'm giving you the real numbers, and I will also fill ...
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Manufacturing Happiness

If you watch the news these days you'd wonder if there is anything good happening in the world. All the news channels care about is the tragic, the horrific, the ...
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TrafficMonsoon - 55 Days

TrafficMonsoon – Deep Analysis

Sharpen your spreadsheets everybody because today we are going to take an in-depth look at TrafficMonsoon, a hybrid advertising and revenue sharing company that combines a Traffic Exchange (TE) and a Paid-To-Click ...
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The Shift – From Ambition to Meaning

For many of us who watch PBS in America, the Wayne Dyer specials were meaningful encounters, giving us a larger perspective on what life is all about. His 2013 feature ...
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Join EH4U for More Traffic to your web site

The Easy One

NOTE: Be sure to read the updates to this story in the Comments section below. When you want more traffic to your blog, mutual traffic exchange is an easy ...
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